Thursday, April 13, 2006


A viewer thought that my posts are Sad, true I’ve been thinking of some nice things for the past two days…Sorry I couldn’t find any.
How would a Human feel if he or she is kidnapped? I keep thinking about this frequently, how would you feel if you wife disappears or if your children never come back from school?
Most Iraqi’s would say “wait for the Call”
What the hell are we thinking of! When did kidnapping in Iraq become an everyday part of our life and culture!
Why should we be pressured to think about such things!
The following small incident triggered my thinking,
A couple of weeks ago I was driving through a small street in my Neighborhood, I saw the neighborhood Pharmacist close the main gate of her home, I was driving a bit slow due to many potholes in the street the lady was a bit busy closing the gate as I said before then she realized there’s a car coming beside her and she looked at my car you should see the horror in her eyes, until she looked at me and remembered that I’m one of her frequent costumers then I could see her relief.
Every day whenever I leave home, I take a look at the street just to feel that unreal feeling of security.
When I was a kid I saw a Jack lemon film about the Chile coupe called “Missing” and I couldn’t realize at that age what was happening, there’s that shot of Jack Lemon searching for his bodies son in the Santiago Morgue, I see it more clearly now when he looks at the semi transparent ceiling and there’s bodies lying there too.
I have seen a similar case here in Baghdad at the “Yarmook Hospital” the two large “body fridges” are full and there’s a dozen or more bodies lying around beside the fridges, some bodies are of Iraqi National Guards, Some policemen, many are Unknown civilians.
Every Iraqi when leaving his house prays to God for Mercy on him and his family.
Everyday you hear of stories of Abductions and kidnappings, nobody know the abductors, some say Gangsters, some are Terrorist, sometimes the police are accused, all have a similar reason, Money, sometimes if your lucky you will be set free, sometimes they will take the money and you’ll never hear of them again.
Most of these abductors use either Mobile phones or Satellite phones, is it that difficult to trace them? I don’t believe it, I believe the government does not care about the Iraqi citizen, all it cares about is how longer can they stay in power and how much more money can they gain from it.
Why would a Terrorist what to kill a simple hardworking Baker? Or a poor man selling cigarettes? Or a Barber, a Grocer?
What’s happening in this country, what worse can happen?
I love democracy, I always think that the constitution is the most important document of rule thier is, But the Human life is more important than all..


salsaqt said...

Yes, humanity should be first above all - thats what the current American administration has forgotten/misplaced/done away with (Katrina shows it also). This must be changed or The American Democracy will truly die. Keep safe

Faisal ... said...

Keep safe Zappy. Your posts are quite scary. I am sure they are true.

Don Cox said...

I think one cause of the kidnapping epidemic is Saddam releasing all the criminals from jail. Letting all the criminals loose would have disastrous effects in any country.

Don Cox said...

"Why would a Terrorist what to kill a simple hardworking Baker? Or a poor man selling cigarettes? Or a Barber, a Grocer?"___Because they want to terrify you. Random killings make everyone scared. The aim of a terror campaign is to get inside everyone's minds and plant fear there. Then, when everyone is in a state of emotional collapse, they can take power, they hope. This is how the Bolshevicks won in Russia. First chaos, then a coup.