Friday, April 14, 2006

Music from Iraq

I found this website called Iraq Music, I found it very Intresting, especially the Gubanchi remix in MP3 format is about 2 Megabytes by Dr. Hasan Al- Madfai its a remix done for an Amnesty International Documentary on Iraq.
Note that the sound of Mr. Gubanchi is from a record that goes back to 1928.


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Ash said...

Dear Zappy,

Thank you so much for the links. It is really nice to be able to listen to old Iraqi music when one has grown up outside of Iraq.

I like your blog, you have a very good writing style. I read your post about the 'yellow bicycle' and I haven't been able to stop thinking about your daughters' conversation ever since. It makes me so sad to know that our beautiful country is in such a state of despair at the moment. I still have some little hope that things will get better but I know that will probably take a long time though. Bless you and keep posting.