Thursday, May 25, 2006

Gas Pump Queue

I Called Mr. "Nice Bear " wondering where he's hanging about, he sounded a bit miserable so I told him I'm sorry that I called him while he was asleep, he told me don't worry I've been awake since 5:00 A.M. and I'm Queuing for Petrol near the Khilani Petrol Station "2 K.m. southeast the Ministry of Oil" so I asked him how long the queue was, he described how long, look at the picture

Its 7300 meters long / 3 Meters for each car = 2433 Cars a new Record!
Thank you Mr. Oil Minister for all your achievements during the past three days!


Freedom Base said...


There are 2 Iraqi oil terminals on platforms out in the Gulf. There are ALWAYS super-tankers docked at the platforms ~ filling up with Iraqi oil. The gas pump queue is no where near Baghdad.

Those platforms are the most "heavily guarded assets" taken over by the "Coalition of Thieves". Perhaps the Ministry is just a "front" for Exxon-Mobile.


Rubin said...

Mr. Date Palms,

Like your kool style..

And sense of black humor.. measuring gas lines with Google Earth!! You got the right stuff bud....and you got bookmarked.

Bruno said...

Holy cow. Iraq must be the first country to need aerial photographs to see the size of the lines at the petrol pumps...

Don Cox said...

Iraq has oil but does it have refineries, or is the oil refined in some other country and then re-imported? If so, then refineries should be built as soon as possible. You can't use raw oil from the ground in your car.