Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Banana's! im Banana's!

They are finding Banana boxes on the side roads of Main streets, yesterday two, two days ago another two, contents are not Bananas….

Contents are blindfolded decayed amputated heads of Humans…

My God is the End near…

Brother kills brother….

Dog Eats Dog…

I think I don’t belong here anymore…

We are so weak..

Yesterday was one of the hottest days this month, water is scarce, I had only and hour and a half of sleep last night..

And yet I slept at home with my family.

Where are the 50 abductees sleeping? That nobody knows about.

Or are they ever alive?

Have they been drilled through?

Or have their jaws been cut from side to side with a rotary disk?

Have their bodies left to rot in the body rot tanks?

Do we really have a government?

Am I alive? or am I fooling myself?
Would the respectful government wish us to disappear?
Is this why God Created Man? Or am I just unfortunate because I was born in Iraq?
Life is so precious …yet so cheap..
Would my head turn up in a Banana Box?


Riot Starter said...

Interesting enough I've witnessed an argument between two people about the KIND of the boxes, some said Banana boxes and some said Orange boxes. Jeez I mean isn't the content of the boxes what really matters, and terrifying enough, to start arguing about the kind of the box?!

Anonymous said...

Unfortanate to be born in Iraq the year you were born....fortunate you weren't born in a third world country where children so often die before their fifth birthday.

Oh so fortunate to have already known love, marriage and fatherhood. You've experienced a treasure not gifted to every man.

I pray you'll be fortunate enough to be telling your grandchildren stories for their school reports about the Bush Ineptitude War, and how peace was finally achieved.....

Tin said...

I'm so ashamed of my country and so very sorry about what we've done to yours. I can only pray our grandchildren will share a better future.

Zappy! said...

Riot Starter: What can I say.

Anonymous: Sorry I was Depressed, to much Pressure.

Tin: I'm Ashamed because 89% of Iraqis voted on Fanatical Religous Basis and this is what they are know Harvesting.

Zappy! said...

Oops I mean "Now" :)

Anonymous said...

Don't appologize for being depressed! It's a damn depressing situation! And this blog is your blog, write what you want. Don't sweeten it up to "please" an audience.

And if you can manage it, plant a date palm tree for me. And I can dream that Iraq will peaceful enough for me to visit, before the tree is taller than me.

Fatima said...

Horrific. Kind of ironic also, seeing as how Iraqis love bananas.

Mr Liverpool said...

I pray that God helps us all to come to some understanding whereby we do not kill each other.

It is brother killing brother, but war always creates monsters and dehumanises people.

Here in Liverpool, and particulary in Ireland, Catholic and Protestants were a bit like Shiite and Sunni. We hated each other once, but we have evolved to understand each other better. In Liverpool today, Muslims and Christians and Jews can get along with each other.

What you need in Iraq is peacemakers. Any Muslim who kills another human being, unless it be for self defence, is making a mockery of the Koran and of the great Muslim leaders like Saladin, who would not have targetted civilians.

Islam needs peacemakers but with the West bombing you, it is obvious that we give the war makers an arena in which to enjoy their lethal activities.

In many ways the websites and blogs being run by Iraqis, young and old, might well lead to a greater understanding between the ordinary people of the UK and those of you in Iraq or anywhere else.

I don't know who those people were whose heads were dumped on the roadside in a box. I pray for them nonetheless and pray that God or Allah punishes those who would treat another human being with some brutality.

I truly hope that the people of Iraq find peace.