Sunday, June 11, 2006

Pure Evil

YCoil, Thank you for your kind e-mail, 1984 was a great book, I also liked Brazil the Movie I couldn’t post your comment directly because you had your e-mail in the bottom,

Last Anonymous thank you for you comments, you don’t have to be sorry of something you have no power to change, Hell I’ll have to be sorry for Millions of things J

Zarqawi is Dead that’s it! If you every have a chance to read his letters and his communicates you will find that he reached to a state that he believed that he is God himself, judging people on silly matters killing whoever he liked tortured his fellow Muslims, the Monster is a unique example of pure Evil, even Satan is Ashamed of (its) doings it’s a part of history that never before was and hopefully we will never see such an example in the future, when you say such and such is a terrorist all I think of, is the Zarqawi (its) eyes are full of hate.

And guess what!

He was imprisoned for life in a Jordan jail, but the Kind King in 2000 pardoned him.
Yesterday “Al Arabiya” Satellite channel gave some interviews of Jordanian members of parliament the so called “Islamic Brotherhood” declared that the Zarqawi was a Martyr of Islam and furthermore they declared that the dozens of people who died in the Amman Hotel in Jordan by Zarqawi’s Suicide bombers are NOT Martyrs.
The Jordanian, Saudi, Qataris all have one thing in common, they hate the Shia Muslims and the descendants of Mohammed the Prophet of Islam, it’s a 1400 year old war.

I am not saying that all Sunni’s hate Shia’s on the contrary in Iraq we never used to have this problem we are all brothers her, Sunni’s Shia’s, Arab’s, Kurds, Turkmen, Armenian, Shabak, Yazidies, whatever Jews are left, Christians from all faiths, Sabiee’s.

Another Thing Al set up the following poll,

“how did you receive the news of the killing of Zarqawi?”

the RED line shows you how many are "Happy" (its) Dead
the BLACK line show you how many are "Sad" (its) Dead
the Green line show how many "Don't care much" about the subject


Fayrouz said...

Glad to see you happy for a change.

999 more to go.....

Riot Starter said...

First things first, the King, may he rest in..."piece", apparently wasn't that smart. It sounds like Saddam Hussein releasing the couple hundred thousand prisoners right before the war, now they're roaming free, on "free shopping sprees", collecting fresh heads every now and then. Same for Zarqawi and his people.
Second, Jordanians were the TICs of politics, themselves. "Bloodsucking insects" wouldn't be that offensive...well maybe except for the fact that tics will be offended with the allusion.
Third, since when do Jordanians hate Americans and "Israelis" and hail for terrorists? Weren't they kissing American butt, "strongly condemning terrorist acts" after 9-11? Oh, right. I forgot, Iraqis aren't quite as valuable to Jordanians as Americans are. We give no free oil anymore, so they couldn't care less about us.
Fourth, the poll was probably answered by palestinians, jordanians and some egyptians who couldnt care less if the world goes on fire as long as their neighbourhoods are okay. I hope palestinians are enjoying the fireworks while watching news.

"May God bless them with a martyr for Islam like Zarqawi to terrorize them and 'naghe9 their 3eesha' till the end of time, Amen!".

Zappy! said...

Thank you Fayrouz, well maybe less than 999 :)

Riot starter your Sarcasim fills my heart with joy ;)

Anonymous said...

You are totally blindfolded my friend, I would certainly regret to see/hear an Iraqi says so ... You have to think more prior to such declaration; same to me, I don't like Mr. Zarqawi, and what he had done, and what he’s came up within my country, but it seems that you totally believe that he was quite responsible for all what's going on here, is that it? ... Believe me or not, it wouldn’t exceed 5% … And not even close maybe … Now can you find out who is responsible for the other 95%? The upcoming days will prove how you extremely wrong!

My vote goes to the red line.

Anonymous said...


As an American, I feel I have to tell all Iraqis how sorry we are that we have caused such chaos in your country. As far as the way the majority of the American people felt initially about going into Iraq and getting rid of Saddam, with the majority being for going in, had we thought that this wasn't what the majority of Iraqis wanted, we would have never allowed it to happen. Most people go by how they think they would feel if they were in the same situation when making decision such as this. Us Americans need to learn that not all people feel the same as we do. But we would have never dreamed that people would not want to fight to their death for their freedom as we would and as our ancestors did. I suppose you could say we really were ignorant to the way many people feel in other parts of the world. I haven't read all of your posts, just enough to realize you do not care much for the USA. I realize saying I am sorry isn't much, but right now, this is all I can do. If you are one of those people who think we are going to occupy your country forever, however, I can assure you that the American people will never, ever allow that to happen. We have no desire to occupy Iraq forever, but we do feel responsible for at least trying to get the Iraqis to the point that you are very capable of defending yourselves against the Zarqawis out there before we leave.

May God bless Iraq and the Iraqi people and help you to rebuild your country, rid yourselves of the evil people killing Iraqis, and be free people without another brutal dictator taking you over. And I pray the Iraqi people will find it in their hearts to forgive us Americans.

By the way, I just saw on TV where President Bush is in Iraq right now. If you can look beyond all of the propaganda, this should be a huge piece of evidence that we truly do care about Iraq and the Iraqi people.

God bless you!


Peggy said...

I hope that the killing can end.

Rubin said...

Zappy: " Monster is a unique example of pure Evil"

Thank you for that, I couldn't agree more.



Are you really an American?

Debbie said: As an American, I feel I have to tell all Iraqis how sorry we are that we have caused such chaos in your country.

Listen up Debbie, are you some kind of Royal Queen of America eh?

Whats with the "we" shit? Do you actually think before you type?

I know you never studied American History, the Founding of the American Government, or the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It's so plainly obvious that you are ignorant of American History because you'd recognize that you don't speak for anyone but yourself.

In the future please attribute all the thoughts and emotions in your comments to yourself.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for acknowledging and responding to my post to your blog.

I have seen in the news lately that there has been extra military and police in Bagdad lately since the death of Zarqawi. Please let us know if you are ok.

If you have anything else to share, I'd like to know the truth about what is going on there. Or at least what the people of Iraq are seeing rather than the "Americanized" version of what's going on.

May God continue to have mercy on you and your family for your days ahead.


The Heretical Jew said...

Riot Starter \

Why was Israeli in quotes?


Don't be so hard on Debbie. I understand your point but none the less her intentions and sentiment were good. However, being knowledgeable in American history you shold know that it is "We the people" and who is to say who can or can not speak for their people. American is not a collection of "I"s but a We..... at least that is how it should be.

Bruno said...

[rubin] ""Listen up Debbie, are you some kind of Royal Queen of America eh? Whats with the "we" shit? Do you actually think before you type? [...] because you'd recognize that you don't speak for anyone but yourself."

... says Rubin, the self-appointed Official Spokesman for All Things American.

On Zarqawi --

I suspect that Arabs in the ME are so sick of American intervention that they'd support even a psycho like Zarqawi (who killed more Iraqis than Americans) just out of principle.

Like Al Sadr who increased his popularity dramatically in Iraq after his militia fought against the US, even though most Iraqis didn't support his policies per se.

vega said...

I'm with Rubin on this one.

Bruno: It's that type of illogic that makes me want to pull my teeth out. Yeah Arabs are sick of Americans, but why would they support Zarqawi who targets ARAB CIVILIANS on a daily basis? Besides, it is because of that scumbag's reign of terror (and his supporters) why Americans are still even in Iraq. If the country was secure, all the soldiers would be home sleeping comfortably in their own beds. So I ask you, why would you support MORE terror when it's only going make Americans stay LONGER?????

Thanks for giving me dentures.