Friday, August 18, 2006

The “Army” Controls the Gas pumps.

I just realized today…

When I came back home from my “screwed up” Vacation I was searching for fuel in the black market, the guy selling the fuel was selling in 6 times the official price not 10 meters away from the pump station, when I asked him why are you selling so high he told me what’s the matter with you? Don’t you know that the Army controls the petrol stations?, because I was in no mood to argue with such a “low life” call me a Bourgeoisie I don’t care, and because the sweat was oozing into every opening of my body well I left angry.

Today after nearly four weeks “I think”, I went to the same lowlife and asked him the same question “the price of fuel today in Baghdad is $1.5 per liter, an average family “theoretically” needs about 40 liters a day for their generators in heats exceeding 49 Celsius “about 120 Fahrenheit” that’s $60 a day.

People do not have such money.

In real life people are not operating their generators more than three to four hours a day, they are sleeping in the gardens and the roof tops, someone may argue that sleeping in the rooftops is actually done in Iraq for a long time ago I answer well yes, but how about strayed bullets and even worse strayed mortars?
Know back to the subject he answered well the Army is in control of the petrol station, he then added to my confusion “The Mahdi Army”.
Now everything is clarified, the government has no control over anything the militia’s are controlling everything the controls our lives our food our security and they grow greedy everyday, you open your mouth --- you disappear or you are found dead with electric drill holes in your body.
Ahh.. by the way in the Adhamiya area the same thing is happening to the petrol stations but they are controlled by the “Mujahidins”
Iraq is controlled by the Gangs by cutthroats and criminals. Neither the sluggish militia infested weak government; neither the Multi national forces that have given up all hope can do anything.

We are talking about a country a civilization, humans under siege.

there is unfortunatly only one way to control Iraq... with the Sword of Justice, cutthroats can't be reasoned with democracy.

P.S. anyone entering Baghdad by plane or Helicopter can see how long the snake like car queues are, waiting on the petrol stations.


Rubin said...

Zappy here's the only recent report I've found specifically refering to the criminals who are extorting you and everyone else out of fuel.

Black market ring stopped by 4th Bn., 320th FA Regt.

Rubin said...

The A$$Holes lost a few this week..

Iraqi army soldiers conducted a raid and rescued a kidnap victim after receiving a tip from a concerned Iraqi citizen that led them to a location in Baghdad’s Adhamiyah neighborhood Friday night.

The Iraqi citizen lead soldiers from 1st Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 6th Iraqi Army Division, to a house where the victims and a weapons cache were located.

Inside the building they seized two rocket-propelled grenade launchers, 20 RPG rounds, nine RPG propellant charges, an AK-47, two sniper rifles and 12 hand grenades.

Two suspected terrorists were detained in connection with the kidnapping.

In a separate event, Multi-National Division – Baghdad Soldiers rescued three kidnap victims after receiving a tip from an Iraqi citizen southeast of Baghdad Friday afternoon.
Soldiers from Company C, 1st Battalion, 61st Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, were approached by a young man who informed an interpreter there were kidnap victims inside a nearby house.

MND-B Soldiers moved to the house, where they found three victims tied up, blindfolded and lying on the floor with a kidnapper watching over them.

Soldiers entered the house and rescued the victims and detained the kidnapper.

Iraqi Forces Capture Key Insurgent Leaders In Baghdad

By Multi-National Corps – Iraq, Public Affairs Office, Camp Victory
Aug 20, 2006, 17:32

Blackanthem Military News, BAGHDAD, Iraq – Iraqi army forces conducted simultaneous, precision raids on three objectives in southern Baghdad on August 20, capturing two key insurgent leaders as part of the Together Forward security operation in Baghdad.

As coalition advisers supported, Iraqi forces captured these two insurgents without incident at a residence in the Al Rasheed district.

Both men exercise control over all death squad cell activity in the Al Dora, Al Sahha and Abu D’Shair districts in Baghdad. One of these individuals also allegedly controls a Baghdad husayniyah where he tortures and kills Iraqi citizens.

Four other suspicious individuals also were detained during this operation. No Iraqi forces, coalition forces or civilians were injured.

MND-B Soldiers seize weapons, munitions

Blackanthem Military News, BAGHDAD, Iraq – Soldiers from 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, Multi-National Division – Baghdad, detained two suspected terrorists and seized a large weapons cache in a warehouse during a search of Nur and Ghazalyia today in support of Operation Together Forward.

The weapons and munitions seized included...[..]

Anonymous said...

There was a time ... not too
long ago when Bremmer - Allawi
and US forces wanted to break
al-Sadr's militia ... but the
wold view and even many moderate
Iraqi and parliament members
voted against it ...

Tough out the next few months while it is hot ... but when it cools off the Iraqi people must
demand from the paliament
(go out and protest the gas prices)
information on where all of iraqs
money is going ... with the high gas prices and Iraq selling oil at
very high prices ... the Gocvenment
must be held accountable for all this revenue.

If US Forces get involved attacking
al-Sadr it will be ugly and imbeciles will complain about
disproportionate use of force ...
as if fighting fair has meaning ...

US Soldiers can not be handcuffed ... they need to wipe
out areas that resist ...

If new Government
wants the fighting to be fair with light weapons only then The Iraqi army needs to be involved.

Jenny said...

Glad at least you ARE blogging again...

Manuka said...

Seems like the Iraqis are determined to rid their country from the occupation. I guess we would do the same. They were ripped of by Western interests before and it was a long struggle to regain control of their oil resources only to lose them again. The truth is the oil is theirs. I don't believe they will give up and certainly they wont surrender.