Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Iraq Flag, again

Miriam says "The current flag characterizes the deepest grief for all the Iraqi people during Saddam’s reign of terror"

I disagree, totally, this flag is the flag of the Iraqi Patriot, the type that never left Iraq, the type that suffered through three wars and horrific sanctions, this flag was the cover of hundreds of thousands of Martyrs during these terrible atrocities that are to be blamed towards Barzani, Talbani, Saddam, Larry King "kidding", Khomanie, Regan, Rumsfeld the two Bushes, King Hussien, Arafat,the UN and every other National politician who supported these wars including every Arab state.

I do not concur to your point of view.

I mean did a flag ever kill somebody?

P.S. Sorry Miraj, Honest Ex-Smoker Mistake :)


programmer craig said...

I mean did a flag ever kill somebody?

Dunno. Maybe. People seem to direct a lot of hostility at flags as evidenced by all the flag burnings that've been going on the last who knows how many years. I'm not sure if it could ever be proven whether people got themselevs worked up enough over burning flags (or seeing their own flag burned) that people got killed over it. It wouldn't surprise me.

hala_s said...

I think we should keep the old flag without "Allah Akbar" in the middle. Just as it was before.This is how it was before Saddam's time.
I tend to agree with you Zappy, this flag was always there, and I think we should look at it as a symbol of survival rather than a bloody one.

miraj said...

I Just read the comments on your first post abt the Iraqi flag and my comments were totally different than what Miriam said which you confused between me and her. Please correct that for I would never suggest changing the flag of Iraq for such reasons. In Saddam's time I personally had suffered as well, nothing compared to my suffering now but I wouldn't want my flag to be changed.

sabbieashk said...

All the opinions are respected. There are Iraqis do not wish to change the flag and with any sensitive issue like this there will never be a unanimous consensus. Perhaps what is more important is reconciliation and stabilizing Iraq, including infrastructure, electric, water, schools, health system, government and economic development.

By the way, I love your blog and watch out for the dates that have fallen, still trying to get some off my shoes, hehe.

MixMax said...

Talking about the flag is irrelevant at the moment!!! There are people who are getting killed in dozens, for heaven's sake, and the government talk sometimes about the flag, sometimes about the pope, sometimes about Lebanon and the "Israeli aggression"...etc don't they say to themselves enough is enough??? Don't they see that last summer witnessed one of the biggest exodus Iraqi people experienced for three years??

I have to try to stop ask questions because this going no where

aNarki-13 said...

"Flags don't kill people, PEOPLE kill people"


hala_s said...

White background is much better,
Enough of black in our lives.
Reminded me of an Iraqi man who lives here and always complains about his depressed wife. When I finally met her, she was covered in black from head to toe, and the stupid man is still wondering why she is depressed!!
not trying to make fun of him, but we reached point where we cannot escape from our sorrows even if we had the chance.