Thursday, October 19, 2006


It seems That I forgot why I started blogging in the first place,

I first started blogging for a reason,

I wanted people who cared about Iraq to understand whats going on from my own perspective,

a way to express my feelings,

a place to steam off my anger.

This was never and never will be a News Blog, I'm not a reporter, so if your L3 or any other news digger look somewhere else.

and furthermore if you don't concur to my ideas.. well you can always Comment or click away, thats what I always tell my dear wife, if something on T.V. offends you.. click the T.V. off.

Have a Great Evening!


hala_s said...

No Zappy, I don't think you are right here.
I think you should watch,read and hear what offends you and learn to accept it, or argue it if its possible.
Maybe this doesn't apply now, as things are too frustrating to tolerate,sorry if I sound thousand miles away. But this is how it is. You have to see all and accept all and argue with all in order to live with all.

Anonymous said...

Funny I started my sort of emails with a mailing list almost exactly for the same reasons. Apart i had a let's say, a more "decorated" view: To "create" a unified Iraqi public opinion for those outside Iraq on issues of national interest.
That was two years ago. In the meantime the list grew longer & longer from five to ten to... Now it has some 40 names in it, most of them people of the same direction of thought. I used to send a comment on events with a copy of an article on the subject. Unfortunately, after a time it seemed that people lost interest in the whole thing. Moerover, some links did not open or even the Arabic articles i sent were received in unreadable code. & no one of my correspondants even bothered to inform me ...!
So much for my unified Iraqi public opinion ;)

What i learned from the experience (being in Europe & cut off from the events), is to distinguish rumours from facts & to argue calmly ....! Also i found i'm not the only one who has exactly the same opinions & FRUSTRATIONS!
But now i don't really feel like moving forth with this experience.

A more important thing i learned is a partial insight of what is at stake in Iraq now & what forces are at play.