Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Confront the “Wolves”

This afternoon, I was driving in a small street, craving for a damn cigarette and what do I find in front of me but that terrible razor barbed wires put on the street in a zig zag, the MoI Wolves brigade have done this to make cars drive slowly.

I reversed the Car near the Barbed wires, and stepped out, attached it to a hook on the back of the car and stepped on the Gas!!!

Anybody wants some barbed wire?


Anonymous said...

Well Zappy, I certainly don't want any of that nasty stuff, but I can definitely think of a few so-called "leaders of the free world" I'd like to see wrapped in it!

Take care,


Rubin said...


hala_s said...

Zappy Zappy shno hal Wakaha?
Yam3awad istur 3leana. If quitting smoking is playing with your brains, I beg you to go back. Hay shlon shaghla tit'harash blwa2 al Thieeb!!!

Bruno said...

On the one hand, congratulations on your defiance of the thuggish MoI brigades. On the other, you do know that if they catch you they'll ventilate your forehead the hard way, right?

Barbed wire sounds good to me. I'm thinking of putting some up along one of the side walls of my garden. You'll feel right at home in SA, Zappy. ;)

cile said...

wow! some spontaneous action!
but no, i think barbed wire is not among my need-wish-list for today ;)
take care, yes.

white rose said...

lol zappy! ive actually thought about doing that myself!!

Joe-Anybody said...

I could use that to give to the Republican Neocons here in the USA, which they in turn could use for our (now!) "Free Speech ZONES" cages! I like your spirit! Be Safe!