Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Petrol Queues are back!!!

Should I say more, it’s been like this for the past three days!! Electricity is One hour On each 12 hours. :(

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miraj said...

appy! la77eg 3ala banzeen. My brother in law phoned me while he was standing in line for gasoline and he said there were like 50 cars ahead of him and he asked me to join him and stand in women’s line. I don't know how and what I put on but I left everything and hurried out to fill the car. In ten minutes my brother in law was waiting for me outside the gas station after he filled his car!!!!!!!! Amazing isn't it??

You know, I thought Iraqis were ripped off after that curfew. Suddenly we woke up, no water, no fuel, no electricity!! Not like they were available but we have to admit it was quite weird with all these current events.