Saturday, October 21, 2006

Smoking Guarantees you Death

After the Blah Blah Blah, the western Neighborhood of Ghazaliya has posted threats for anyone smoking or selling cigarettes, these notes are advertising that “any shop found selling cigarettes will have the shop owner Shot, anyone smoking publicly will also have his genitals confiscated” , the last part is not true I just made it up, but the first part is true.
So it seems that smoking could be bad for your health.

I wonder what they’ll be thinking of next. Tampons?


Rubin said...

LOL Zappy,

I no longer smoke, [21 yrs bfd] but unlike too many uber-reformed former smokers it doesn't bother me at all to be around friends or family who do.

You have to recognize that World Wide there are far too many anti-smokers who have gone completely overboard projecting all their fears, problems and that which is evil on to poor little ole tobacco.


Amazingly in the in the entire universe of Asshat Anti Smokers, Zappy has discovered the most extreme maximum example of Anti Smoking Nazis I've ever heard of!!



I say we should start building up a modest collection of used Tampons.

Then, on a dark moonless night after careful planning we go out ninja style and kidnap the prime Mahdi Army asshole who paid for the anti smoking poster campaign.


the next scene:

Under ground Bunker, dimly lit...check

Our groups colors hanging up on the wall...check

Single chair....check

Video Cam... check

Myself and and all those who care about justice with our hoods on holding full auto weapons ...check

The Mahdi Army big shot flexi-cuffed and blindfolded chained to a chair....check

heh, on a small table next to the Mahdi criminal sits a large box of Used Tampons...check


wait for it,

tune in next week for the next installment [in the series] "The Tampon's Revenge"

next chapter 'The Unspeakable'!!



mariestaad said...

Gee, maybe the American Government could ACTUALLY learn something from this campaign, since it has learned very little about, and from, Iraqi culture (and the consequent destruction of it).

Instead of the present government slogan of "talk to teens about smoking," it could be "talk to your teens about what they would like on their gravestones." Think it would work?

Marshmallow26 said...

Dear Zappy,

I heard too, that who ever holds a wedding party and celebrates, him and his family and the celebratories will get killed?? Why? They said " how could you celebrate while your country is occupied?"

Crazy people...

neurotic_wife said...

Hmm Zappy, I guess then that means Im a dead woman!!! Oh well...Hathola imnain ijeeboon hel afkar il jahanamiya malat hum???