Monday, April 09, 2007

9th of April


People are having a wonderful time under the lovely Sun. problems are petty comparared to.. Iraq, Its been a wonderful Bank Holiday for me, My Sister and her husband visted me and we had a wonderful time in Henley on Tames. yesterday I was invited to a barbicue in London.


Things are going Bad, Maliki Declared a working day and the T.V. Declared a Curfew! so who should people listen to? of course never to Maliki, even the Iranians turned his airplane away, what an insult.

Celebrate or mourn:

Should we celebrate that we got rid of a Dictator? or should we Mourn what we lost in the past four years?


Can I still talk about Iraq? do I have the right? I don't know things are confusing to me I feel that since I "left", not suffering like my fellow Iraqi's.


Anonymous said...

"Write what you know" is the adage. It's a mixed blessing to see favorite bloggers leave Iraq. I celebrate their safety, but miss their insite. Few continue to write about the experience of life outside the warzone, exiled from home.
But it's a worthwile story to share. Bassam's recent entry brought tears to my eyes.
Your experience is just as valid, even when your life is not directly threatened.
It's another thread of the same cloth.

Anonymous said...

Mr Corleone,
Please do continue to discuss Iraq... As a reader of your blog, your views offer a true insight to the goings on there. Long time reader, first time poster!

fjb said...

As far as I'm concerned, you have every right to talk about Iraq. You are an Iraqi after all, and no matter where you go in the world, and no matter how long you are away, you will always be an Iraqi. Iraq was your home, and I feel you left the country by necessity, not so much by choice. You may think you're not suffering, but from what you write, I'd say you were.

Perhaps you're not risking your life anymore everyday, just by stepping out of your home. Still, it's obvious to me that you are feeling anguish, and as you say, confusion. Take care Zappy, and try to dream of better days to come.


ams said...

Sure you can write...This is your experience and you will help many of your fellows iraqis if you write about it. don't withdraw becasue you have a sense that you "don't deserve it" since you are not in constant fear for your own and your loved ones life anymore.
i have come back to your site since I read it's name in a newspaper last year and i look up to you zappy. I know many others do too.

MixMax said...

didn't you suffer enough while you were there? yes, you have the right to talk about Iraq, it is our beloved wounded country and the distance there is from it in time and place won't justify the pain we have in our hearts for our people and our country

Don Cox said...

I think there is soething to celebrate this week. Several thousand people held an anti-government demonstration in Najaf. From all accounts it went off peacefully, just as though it had been in London or Washington. Nothing like that could have happened five years ago. In spite of the appalling violence, there is also freedom in Iraq.___Most of the violence seems to come from those who want to remove that freedom.

Bruno said...

Zappy, we're just glad you're safe. Keep well and enjoy what you have while you have it. Good luck.

me said...

Hey Zappy:

How are you?

Anonymous said...

Your blog reveals the conflicting emotions, the anxiety, the guilt, the sheer angst of "escaping" your own country. We are tied forever to the country of our birth and our childhood by a lifelong umbilical chord.
For many Iraqis the pain of separation must be enormous.

Many others suffer the guilt of working to end the Saddam regime, with the resultant consequence of chaos and a long term foreign occupation. The emotional pain must be enormous.

Anonymous said...

Don't be remorseful that you're not in Iraq. Anyone else given the chance to leave, like you, would do the same. Continue helping those left behind. That's the most noble thing you can do.
Your friend,
PS So glad to see you're posting again. I worried about you, as usual.