Sunday, April 22, 2007

Balls of Steel

Talking about being a bit to over courageous, these young kids are doing two things:

1. giving a very clear picture of Baghdad.

2. giving the Bad guys whoever they are an exceuse.

I don't think thats a safe thing to do, whos going to protect you boys?

I love this site. but I'm worried about the boys.


Anonymous said...

which site are you talking about?

salty said...

giving the bad guys an excuse to do what? why?

from overseas it appears that things are so fucked up in iraq right now that you may as well try and have some semblance of life.

at least the videos show iraqis as people instead of how they were portrayed during the hype for the war.

unfortuately I heard many people here saying things like "bomb them all". I understood their anger from Sept. 11 was being directed at anything remotely middle-east, but it was disgusting all the same.

the funny thing is no-one mentions osama bin-laden much anymore.

nadia n said...

those were my thoughts when i saw this, or whenever i see anyone there with a public face, whether it's on the internet or tv.

...but i figured they would know better than me. either that or they're at the point where they just don't care anymore :/

Zappy Corleone said...

anonymous, you have to click on the word "These young kids"

ams said...

They should get an award! We do care about Iraqis, we care about human beings...Hopefully they survive and I can meet them one day.
Thanks for showing me this, this is great!