Monday, April 16, 2007

Charles Darwin Theory of human evolution

It is a Tabo for any Muslim to respect Darwin's theory, as it contradicts the Holy Quran.

However, I within my heart believe its true when it comes to Mr. Muqtada and Mr. Bush. I honestly believe that these two are Idiots, with high respect to Muqtada's father Grand Ayatollah Mohammed Mohammed Sadiq Al-Sadr who I totally respect and believe that if it wasn't for him the Iraqi Shia would have never again prayed together each Friday "Jama' ah", and his genus uncle The Ayatollah Mohammed Baqir Al-Sadr who redefined Islam to a new age..


when it comes down to this Idiot things change... what do you mean by wanting a F***ing timetable for troops to withdraw! who's going to clean up the mess the Americans and Brits have caused? YOU? YOUR MILITA?

anyway he ordered the Sadr members of the prime minister cabinet to withdraw, as if things could get any worse than it is....

or could it?


Anonymous said...

Al-Sadr wants a civil war because
he feels with Americans gone
the Mahdi army can link with much
of the Iraqi Army and begin a systematic destruction
of all elements of a non-Shia
Iraq ... he in effect wants revenge
and he wants to be a big fat
Ayotollah like those in Iran.

Bush believes the path toward a peacefull Iraq lies in supporting
the new Government ... Maliki
and Sistani and others must turn their backs on al-Sadr and work much harder for reconcilliation.

I believe Sistani should also travel to Anbar and meet with the
tribal leaders there in order to continue support toward

Zappy Corleone said...