Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Iraq's Future will be Bright...

Thats not me talking, thats a British Officer in Emara this morning...

At least 142 Died today in the Sadreyah bus park near the Bicycle shops...same bomb second time same place.. which makes you think, why did it happen again if the Security plan is working, Is Al Qayeda more powerful than both the Iraqi government and the coalition forces?

Its not me to tell.

I think it is time for the United Nations to intervien, if the Americans allow them.

or better yet, its time to clear hearts, minds and souls of the few people causing all this.

Frankly I believe its time to Hang some terrorists at Tahrir squares.

as for the joke of Democracy well I think if you can't force it with a gun.

I don't see Vietnam democratic, do you?


mariestaad said...

No, Vietnam is not democratic. Darwin said that those who change are the ones who evolve, and as you noted in your previous post, there are those that don't change, and guess what? They don't evolve, and in the end, don't survive.

Whatever theory of creation you embrace, from the Holy Bible, the Torah, or the Holy Qu'ran, or a secular theory, I think that Darwin's (who was a very devote Christian) notions of the fates of those who don't change, do not have the brains, will, power, or biological propensity are very valid in the political arena. Keep repeating the same mistake, and history will regulate you to the same shelf as the Etruscans and Picts.

Korea, Vietnam, Iraq. . .these repeated mistakes will sink us unless rectified.

Zappy, unfurl that flag. "Damn the torpedos," as the Brits would say.

Don Cox said...

"Is Al Qayeda more powerful than both the Iraqi government and the coalition forces?"___No, but what they are doing is 100 times easier. Any fool can kill unarmed civilians. No wonder they have a good success rate._____As for Vietnam, the reason it is not democratic is that the South Vietnam nationalists thought the Maoists from the North were their friends and the Americans were their enemies. Bad mistake. See the book "Vietcong Memoir."

Anonymous said...

So now all Iraqi are experts
on the aftermath of Vietnam !!!

Ok read about the Vietnamese Boat People ...

Hey mariestaad brilliant pointed
comments ... however

1) Two Vietnamese Lawyers have recently been jailed for protesting one party rule in Vietnam ... what a huge sucess
it is ???

Did you ever think for one second
that the Vietnamese women stooped over in the rice paddies 12 hours per day ... may actually hate
being stooped over in a rice paddie
all day !!!

2) Suppose you had to make a choice
your entire family could move
to either South Korea or
North Korea ... where would you move ???

3) Hmmm Democracy at the point of a gun eh ?? ... So Saddams 35
years were government by concensus and the will of the people ???

Democracy in Iraq was given the oppourtunity because of American military ...

Its the people with the suicide vests and the car and truck bombs
that are trying to prevent Democracy with violence ...
thats the correct analysis ...

Are you claiming that without any
violence since Saddams statue was pulled down that Iraqi people
would not embrace the right to vote
for government officials at all levels ???

The violent ones are trying to destroy democracy "at the point of a gun"

Thats the Problem in Iraq !!!