Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"Amm'a Al yateem fala taqhaar"

From the Holy Qura'an, Literary it translates to 'and the Orphan do not Abuse', this was written on the yellow sign behind the person who is the director of an orphanage.

Shame on us! and we call ourselves Muslims!

who should we blame for this? Israel? Iran? Syria? Martians?


Eye Raki said...

Those bastards deserve to spend the rest of their lives in prison

Anonymous said...

واضاف في مؤتمر صحفي عقده اليوم بمقر الوزارة :"ان وزارة العمل بكل مسؤوليها ووزيرها مسؤولون امام الحكومة العراقية وليس امام القوات الامريكية مشيرا الى:"ان طريقة تناول القوات الامريكية لهذا الموضوع تحتاج الى تحليل موضوعي لذلك اود ان اوضح ان الدار هي واحدة من الدور الايوائية التي تضم مرضى شديدي العوق وقد تم افتتاحها قبل 25 يوما من اقتحامها من قبل القوات الامريكية وتم فصل الاناث عن الذكور ".
واوضح الوزير:"ان الدار ليست للايتام اصلا فنزلاؤها اغلبهم من المرضى الذين يعانون من شلل دماغي ولذلك هم عاجزون كليا عن القيام بمتطلباتهم الحياتية وليست لديهم أي سيطرة على افعالهم".

وبين:" ان وقت المداهة كان مثيرا للتساؤل والاستغراب اذ كانت الساعة الثانية بعد منتصف الليل مشيرا الى:"ان معاناة التيار الكهربائي مشكلة يعاني منها الجميع وقد بذلت الوزارة جهودا كبيرة من اجل ايصال التيار الكهربائي الى تلك الدار لانه انشيء حديثا وان حرارة الجو دفعت الاولاد الى التعري ".
وتابع:"ان ماقامت به القوات الامريكية يشكل اهانة لهولاء الاطفال والتشهير بهم مبينا:"ان هناك نيات سيئة مسبقا لهذا الموضوع

Zappy Corleone said...

Aha so the Minister of Work and Social matters IS Blaming the U.S.Forces.

Zappy Corleone said...

Translation of the Fist Comment which is from a news clip interview with the Minister of the Work force & Social matters..

And he added in a news conference today at the Ministry HQ "The Ministry of Social Works including all its executives and its Minister are responsible towards the Iraq government and not towards the U.S. Troops" he added "The way the U.S. forces paraded this issue needs a clarified analysis so I wish to clarify that this Orphanage is one of the shelters that includes very paralyzed patients it was opened 25 days ago before the U.S. forces burst into it, male children have been separated from females".

The Minister then concluded "This Home is actually not an Orphanage, as Most its tenants are Brain Damaged patients, therefore they cannot help themselves in any matter possible, they also cannot control there doings (I think he means they cannot control there bowel movments".
He added" the timing of the force entry of the U.S. forces is suspeciuos and causes questions, it was at 2 a.m. in the morning, due to the lack of Electricity which every one in Iraq suffers from, and by the way the Ministry was trying so hard to get the Home connected to the National Grid because uts a new home and the lack of electricity MADE THE BOYS STRIP NAKED".
he added " what the U.S. forces have done is AN INSULT TO THESE CHILDREN and PARADING THEM IN THIS HORRIFIC WAY"


My point of view is simple

I Hope the stick a rusty pipe up the Ministers behind.

سحاب Sahab said...

i wish u accept to me publish this in my blog