Thursday, June 07, 2007

Ministry of Higher Education Kidnap

Remember Back in November when scores of people were kidnapped in the MoHE building?

the Minister said that 80 remain captive. people forgot about the case now.

let me stir things up.

in the past eight weeks the families of the kidnapped victims have been approached by the police and been told that the victims have been buried, and the families can now collect the death certificates from the police station.

what happened was that all these victims have died after torture and their carcases been dumped in a rubbish dump near the "Oil Football Club" in "Ur District" in Baghdad.

the police claim that they didn't recognize them at that time and asked a undertaker to bury them in Karbala Cemetery 160 Kilometers away.

the undertaker had taken pictures of the dead and started searching for their families himself until he found them.

So when you ever hear of an abducted person you can be guaranteed that hes good as dead.

Baghdad has turned into a City of the Dead.

there are more dead bodies in the streets each break of dawn than alive.


Fatima said...

Ya Allah!

Anonymous said...

I want to know what you suggest should be done to stop all of this. Surely if the Americans, British etc. leave Iraq it won't suddenly become perfect, will it?

Zappy Corleone said...

Perfectly put, of course it won't, on the contrary I believe more troops should be sent in, and do something, I also believe that if the U.S. would actually ask the U.N. for help "thou they won't", doing another emergency elections in Iraq I guarantee these people won't be elected again, not in a million years.
bottom point, you don't rush democracy in a destructed country, Iraq is no video game it takes time ad hoc solutions don't work.

programmer craig said...


I also believe that if the U.S. would actually ask the U.N. for help "thou they won't",

The US asked the UN for help right from the start. Remember the bombing of the UN mission in Iraq back in late 2003? UN pulled out and never returned.

bruno said...

I well remember the mass kidnap. I remember that the MoI told everybody that the hostages had all been returned, and that if anybody had complaints re. the matter they should report to the nearest MoI office. Of course, this was a plan to kill their relatives as well ...

Anonymous said...

Makes sense doesn't it? Increase the sectarian violence, pit Sunni against Shia so that there are fewer fighters taking on the American invaders. Secondly, it gives a pretext for the occupation to continue. Oh...I forgot...blame the sectarian violence, the killing of academics and professionals (who could provide leadership) on "Al Qaeda".