Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sammara II

All this sectarian Violence started after the destruction of the Emam al Askari Shrine in Sammara back in February 2006.

This Morning they Destroyed the remaining two Gold Minarets by planting explosives under them.

so if the first bombing of the shrine that caused the destruction of the Gold dome back fired by a continuous blood shed between Shia's and Sunni's causing a major impact by the Death Squads, what would this cause.

Video pictures

I think this is the finale of the Iraq Story... I hope not... but then who does know?


Anonymous said...

Maliki/Sistani and some prominent
well known but fair minded
Sunni Leaders associated with Saddam Regime (if any exist ???)

secure a significan amount of money and purchase generators
for electricity/water food/housing
for say 500 security guards
(including perhaps some Mehdi army)
to surround shrine and begin a 24
hour a day six day a week reconstruction project with perhaps
500 workers ... organize three shifts ... build temporary housing
etc for guards and workers/
and get this shrine restored ...

These incidents and the reconstruction are now a part of Iraqi/Muslim history ...

A carefull meticulous solemn
rebuilding effort will enable
Iraqi of today to become more
intimate with their history ...

The rebuilding of this shrine using
both Shia and Sunni workers can
start the unification of Iraq
INSTEAD of the destruction of Iraq.

And Maliki/Sistani et al must
move along these lines ... brick by brick ... this shrine can be restored and by unifying the respect shown to the imams burried there can turn a tragic deed
into a true positive turning point
for Iraqi New Government
must take initiative and make bold
positive moves.

Anonymous said...

Just who did the bombing on the Samarra Shrine? Who gains?
Could it be because "the surge" isn't working?