Friday, July 13, 2007


Benchmarks of Progress?

What Progress!

Are you kidding me?

Is he Kidding! last time I heard of Benchmarks was to find out how fast is your computer processor back in the late eighties

The Iraqi Citizens benchmark's are: is it safe for me to open the door?

should I leave the house today to get some food?

am I going to be: (kidnapped/Arrested) by (terrorists/Militias / ING.. etc.)

Secondary benchmarks are:

How long is it going to take me to get some fuel today? (min. 6 hours Max. open to your imagination)

How many Minutes of electricity am I going to get today (min. Zero Max 62 Minutes) (temperature is 115F).

Iraq and Iraqi’s are not statistics.

we are flesh and blood.

we get hurt and we feel pain.

we are humans and not numbers.

each one has a family, a Father, a Daughter, someone who worries about her/him/them.


Anonymous said...

Thee is an iraqi wisdome:
( only the foot of who walkes on fire will feel the pain of the burn)
yes we are figures on political mapsn

Don Cox said...

But some of the things you mention _are_ numbers. For example, hours of electricity. The number of murders and kidnaps _is_ a number, even though each person is a real person. (The number _should_ be about half what it is for the UK - which is approx. 900 per year.) ____The Americans do have to decide when it is safe to leave the Iraqis to fend for themselves, and one help to make that decision is the numbers. However, IMO the bigger question they should ask is, "if we leave now, will Iraq be able to defend itself against invasion by Iran?" That is harder to answer.