Monday, July 16, 2007


Hundreds if not Thousands of Iraqi's are seeking Temporary Refuge anywhere in the World, It doesn’t matter where as long as they can keep alive.

I received an Email this morning from a colleague of mine who managed to get her family away from Baghdad to the UAE, however, Herself and her husband being both petrochemical Engineers have had Hell over there, competition is very high even between Iraqi’s and you could get sacked very easy, specially if its one of the small competitive companies there.

Iraqi’s are also unwelcome in other Arab countries unless you’re a young prostitute with references from Sheikhs and pimps and you can see that in Dubai Airport.

An Iraqi cannot get a Visa to North Africa including Egypt, Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, the Gulf States (on rare occasions only UAE, Qatar).

In Qatar the State police have distributed a pamphlet to the Iraqi community telling them what they can discuss in public and on telephones and what they can discuss or mention.

In Saudi one main field on the Saudi Application form is you have to declair your Religion and what Sect you follow.

What we have here is a very awkward situation, the U.S., Britain, Australia and other countries of the coalition have declared that they have come to Iraq to free, liberate etc. including (Rebuild), but things have taken a different way and we have deaths death threats unemployment etc.

Now, how about giving these people a chance?

Like when an intelligent Iraqi is awarded a Fulbright Scholarship why not let his family join him?

Like all these thousands of Masters, Ph.D. and Bachelor degree Holders are not given a chance to seek temporary refugee in the U.S. Britain and Australia.

What do you have against them? Why leave them to die and live in undignified circumstances.

You did the same to the South Africans during the end days of Apartheid when they tried to make a decent life in U.K.

my conclusion is this.

Although I do not believe in conspiracy theories but what I see the following facts that everyone with a clear conscious would also notice, A country that has its economy, Military capabilities and its society destroyed.

Targeting the Technical and highly skilled personnel by guaranteeing there death, by imposing every trick in the book to keep them in this battlefield.

Give people a chance to live, they offer there expertise.

Do you know how many Iraq scientists have been embraced to live and work in Syria and Iran?

What’s wrong with you!


Anonymous said...

It saddens me to think about all the scientist, doctors and teachers leaving Iraq. But it's worse to think of all the hardworking people and families being killed.
The US is supposedly opening the door for some slightly larger number than the few houndred let in so far...but I haven't seen any influx inside US borders yet....They're importing workers from Jordan for the greenzone, the bias against Iraqis is as extreme as it is irrational.

neurotic_wife said...

Are you shocked Zappy??? Nobody wants us anymore. And yes you are right, here in the UAE, if you aint a hishik bishik girl, then you dont stand a chance. As for the UK, I will be surprised if they will be lean with the Iraqis after the recent bombings. Sweden is the only place thats taking loads of Iraqis in.

Shame on the USA and all the other countries that supported the war. They should offer Iraqis a safe haven until all this mayhem ends, but no, nobody wants Iraqis, and to tell u the truth, I dont think they care or give a damn!!!

Bruno said...

Zappy, I can only conclude that to destruction of Iraqi scientists and technicians is a planned operation in order to ensure that Iraq does not arise again as a strong country. I think that the point is to keep it dependent on foreigners and foreign expertise. Then, even is it does remain a single country, it will be ready to be plucked like a chicken by outsiders.

Don Cox said...

"I can only conclude that to destruction of Iraqi scientists and technicians is a planned operation"_____That is rubbish. You vastly overestimate the ability of the Bush administration to plan anything. What went wrong in Iraq was that they had a plan for removing Saddam (which can only be a good thing), but absolutely no plan for what to do next. Saddam's last act in power was to release 80,000 criminals from jail. I think that was the main cause of trouble from the start. Then, he had a good plan for guerilla warfare by his men. The US had no real plan to counteract that. Rumsfeld thought everything could be done with technology. ___No, the aim was NOT to destroy Iraq. Bush wanted a strong, democratic Iraq to show up and counter Iran. So far, he hasn't got it.____The reluctance of other countries to accept Iraqis may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. When the violence does die down, it will help if there are still some capable and qualified people around in Iraq to get things going.

Zappy Corleone said...

poor Don...

Zappy Corleone said...

you just don't get it..

Anonymous said...

Zappy, please tell people about the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme - that is a way into the UK for professional Iraqis. And you know already how desperately short of dentists this country is.

I am optimistic that the fact that Bilal --- was Iraqi (the one who tried to set fire to Glasgow Airport) will not make things difficult for other Iraqis. Brits are not as ignorant of other cultures as are Americans, and not all Germans in WWII were Nazis. Furthermore, Bilal and his colleague especially (who is not expected to live) have brought terrible consequences into their own lives. In a sense, they have already received their punishment, and the ordinary Brit in the street is not going to kick someone when they are already down.