Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blackwater II

I always assumed that Shoes, Boots and Socks come in Pairs. seems that I am Wrong


Anonymous said...

So I guess you will be returning
to Baghdad now and applying
for police or Iraqi Army jobs
since you are indeed an expert
... very cool headed during
the typical car-bomb - ambush
scenarios !!!
Your Country needs you ....
where are you ???

Zappy Corleone said...

I have had my share of PSD's going trigger happy in the streets of Baghdad firing (Warning Shoots) on me and on other civilians.

The day you people leave, taking your buddies from Al-Qaeda with you. I'll go back to my home.

Zappy Corleone said...

Yes Dave, Terrible things Happen during War. Thank you for your input.

Fatima said...

hahaha, quite funny.

neurotic_wife said...

Agool, its either staying a month with KFC story or a week with boots??? Makoo middle solution???

Have u heard from H???

Zappy Corleone said...

H "should be" in Virginia.
and it seems the best subject to talk about these days are "Qanadeer" :p

to be honest, I'm loosing touch with home, I read all the news daily but it seems so far away.. furthermore what we are writing here seems to have no effect on the situation, people seem to not care anymore, the millions of Iraqi refugees who have got ignored and unoticed is a shame on the UN.
they don't even have the guts to raise it on a high publicity scale.
I meen if Paris Hilton got more attention than any other piece of News when she was booked in Jail.
you can notice that in the number of Iraqi Bloggers who still continue to Blog, I think most of them just gave up.

Anonymous said...

NO, not wrong, just not very smart. They are sold in pairs. They only need to show one to show all the features though. The "pair" is the "each" they are talking about.

If you really cared about your country, instead of running from it you would have stayed and fought for it. The reason Iraq is the mess it is today is because Iraqis won't take responsibility for themsleves and their "leaders".

Do you believe in Allah? If so, you must know that only that which God wills can come to pass - so why is it God wills Iraq to be in the state it is in? Surely you must have some thoughts on this?

I am truly sad for the terrible things happening not only in Iraq but everywhere else where there is pain and misery. Stop blaming the U.S. and start doing something CONSTRUCTIVE about it.

Zappy Corleone said...

Pathetic (look it up in a Dictionary)