Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dear Mr. Sheristani, Iraqi Minister of Oil

This Morning on my way to Job Hunting I saw the three Main Petrol queues on the Mustansiriyah Old shopping Center (Six Double Pumps) , the Khilani Petrol Station (Twelve Double Pumps) and the Sadoon Petrol Station ( four Double Pumps).

I took good care in observing where the end of the lines were, this was this Morning at 8:10 a.m, and then I took a look at Google Earth to measure the lengths

Mustansiriyah length of queue approx 3,480 Meters / 3m (approx. length of car) = 1160 cars

Al Sadoon queue length approx 1140 meters /3m (approx. length of car) = 380 cars

And the Oscar goes to Al Khilani Pump Station, Queue length is 5230 meters /3m (approx. length of car) = 1743 cars!!!

Obviously we have a fuel shortage, I wonder where you get you Car filled up? For me I have not filled up my car from a pump station since March 2003, I buy from the black market, If you have stopped the black market, then you’ll find that you just made your first mistake, people need fuel to fire up their Generator units and you cant take the generator to a Pump station could you?

Think twice the People are Very angry and they Blame you entirely


cathinka said...

i know this comment doesn' belong here. but i always wondered, i thought marmite and veggamite was the same thing, so it is not?

Riot Starter said...

He takes his cars' shares of fuel from the oil he smuggles afterwards to "friendly" countries.
I think he's encouraging people to do their own business when it comes to oil, and by fighting black market he aims to "expand their horizons" so they can sell on international basis like he does.
Generators are none of his concern, u know? Generator>electricity>some other person's responsibility...that probably includes how u fuel it.

Zappy Corleone said...

Riot Starter, on this I disagre, I have high hopes on Mr. Sheristani, I Know he's a decent Man,But we are talking of the "Beast" the Whole of the Ministry, Al Fadhila Party has full control over the Ministry in Baghdad, the Control SOMO the company responsable of exporting Oil, the problem is:
1- there are no metering on the export pipes, there never had been even during "two" Saddams Times (Saddam Al Zibin DG of SOMO and Saddam Hussein our ex glorified leader)
2- the meduim sized Whales are doing the smuggling
3-the Medium sized fish are doing the Imported Benzine staling
4- the small Fish are selling the fuel to the Black market

P.S. this evening the Liter of Benzine became 1250 Dinars a liter that five fold the "Government price" two and a half yesterdays Black market price and 31250 times the price it was during the dictators time

price during saddam 40 fils
1 dinar = 1000 fils
1250000 fils/40fils = my bankrupcy

Tonight we sleep without the generator running

Riot Starter said...

I've recently heard a bunch of opinions that disagreed with you about Shehrustani. I'll share that sometime.
BTW...we've got humongous oil reserves. Oil is like..water. Shame on the government.

Zappy Corleone said...

I agree that oil in its raw state is as cheap as water in Iraq, but you have to pump it out "no problem" you have to remoce Gas from it "Problem" you have to transport it "Real problem due to Insurgents" and the Oscars go to 'you have to refine it' That is the Major problem we need at least three new Refinaries Quicklly constructed or Else

P.S. I mesured todays Khilani Pump station queue its as of this morning 8:00 a.m. 12.8 Kilometers.

Bill said...

zappy...I think Ur right..the thing is that Refinaries can't be built take 2-3 yrs to build..(in perfect conditions)same with electric plants...dosen't matter what country you build in.

human nature causes black-markets..if fuel was not subsidized by the gov., and sold at cost..there would be no profit in the black-market.
half the people in the long lines are probably black-marketers loading up for the next days sales.

P.S. I enjoy reading ur blog keep up the good work..hope my little comment dosen't sound to lame...Im better at music ;-) take care

Zappy Corleone said...

I wqould like to correct myself, its the Kaylani Petrol Station not the Khilani I keep mixing them up.