Saturday, September 30, 2006

Coup d'é•tat

Well rumors go like wildfires in Iraq, especially when the prime minister declares a sudden curfew in his capital, I mean what other cause could it be?

Yesterday at approximately 11:00 P.M. the Secretary of the Iraqi Prime minister announced that Baghdad would be under lockdown from the night of Friday (yesterday) to 6:00 A.M. Sunday, this announcement was not explained, the “Al Alam” Satellite News Channel (Iranian) called the deputy minister of interior at 1:00 A.M. this Morning live on T.V. and when asked about the Curfew he answered “Duh? What Curfew?”

Now what should a simple average citizen think is going on?

Rumor has it that there was a Coup d'é·tat last night.

In other “undeclared” news last night their was heavy fighting after the “Seligh” neighborhood” was rained with Mortars by an “unknown” source, the U.S. Apache helicopters filled the skies with flares and not a single news agency announced this.

And to make things worse subtitles on different News agencies said that “A Major player in the Iraqi Parliament had his house checked and found was a car bomb factory”.

What’s going on? What’s true and what’s false?

Are we in a “Wilayat Bateekh”


Marshmallow26 said...

You are right, it is Bateekh country, and 3eesha gashra hay el dan3eeshha.

God be will all of us!

P.S since there is no Fawazeer this Ramadan, so our prime minister is forcing us to watch his fawazeer episodes.

Anonymous said...

It is really Bateekh country.

Shwakit nikhlas min hal3eesha el gashra.

By the way Zappy:

Since there are no Fawazeer Ramadan this year on TV, your prime minister is trying to introduce his Fawazeer and forces us to guess!! haha

Anonymous said...

Amazing isn't it? Today it was announced that there were ATTEMPTS , mere attempts to bomb the G.Z. Well since it is the G.Z the plan was discovered so early and of course it is not the red zone nor the majority are Iraqis there to lose their lives so it was sooooooooooooooooo important to protect it and lock us , the Iraqis inside our homes so we won’t do any waka7a.

By the way, the G.Z's gates were all closed yesterday. No one was allowed to enter. A friend of mine who had meeting there was waiting at one of the gates for more than an hour an a half and while waiting a convoy of IP having one of them injured in his head was trying to get inside but guess what!! They did not allow them to get inside as well.
Top security matter.

We thought one of the Smakhat of US are inside like 8ondareza or the most famous hollywood actor Bush.

In Saddam’s time , Iraq used to be not ours but Saddam’s. Now Iraq is , well .. I really do not know whose country Iraq is anymore, Iran’s? US’s? be my guest , who cares anyway!!

Rubin said...

Thanks for the report Zman!

I really do not know whose country Iraq is anymore, Iran’s? US’s? be my guest , who cares anyway!!

miraj let me know what part of Iraq you'd like ownership of and I'll let you in on a wonderful little secret. >:)

neurotic_wife said...

Umm Zappy more like wilayat il raggee...Apparantely the GZ was targeted. Agool yimkin fed youm hatshoofoonee 3al CNN mathbooha. ATleast guloolhum hi chan 3idha blog, lol...Wallah al mudh7ik al mubkee... Allah issa3id il nas.

chikitita said...

A coup..... Against who bala za7ma???? A clueless puppet government???

Anonymous said...

Baghdad needs a huge security plan which cuts the traffic way way down
to prevent car-bombs over the cooler weather ... this will allow
more efficient searches and sweeps
to locate source of car-bombs and weapons clashes

1) Certain streets should be
cleaned ... modern containers
should be provided for garbage
and then the streets used for parking only

2) More mini busses should be purchased an fares reduced ...
as many Iraqi as possible should ride mini buses instead of driving

3)All cab drivers should be
screened and as many as possible
can be hired to drive the new mini-buses

4) All truck drivers must be screened also

5)A web of major sreeets to inter connect Bagddad can be announced and only those streets can be used
all others shut for parking ...

6) The city as a whole must make
the sacrifice in order to help
prevent the killing

As more and more neighborhoods
are seached and policed with the expanding Iraqi forces
then the above measures can be gradually loosened

The simple fact is some big changes need to be made in Baghdad
Its cooler now ... people can walk
to Bus stops ... oil productionseems higher buy more mini-busses expand their routes
and cut way back on civilian traffic where possible

Baghdad needs a big overhaul
and modernization anyway
to become a first class capital
city which it can be the
So the sooner it starts the better

(And Hey New York/Los Angeles/Chicago
Detroit/London/Paris etc also should empahasize
public transportation and cut way way down on cars

Forward thinking city planners
of Baghdad ... go to work already!!!

Anonymous said...

When carbombs are used to attack green zone they aloso inflict
huge casualties to passerby's

and if they get close more often then not they kill decent Iraqi
who are working in the GZ as average people ...

So this notion that only the
big Fat Cats in the GZ are protected during these curfews
is absurd ... how many times
when police are targeted do the innocent civilians get killed ???

Zappy Corleone said...

Marshmallow26, your missing "Alhago Mat" on "Alsharqiya" ?

Miraj yes because Iraqis are Wakheen, thats the main cause.

Rubin, where's your Muse?

Nerotic Wife, what would "Antar" think if something bad would happen to you? God protect you.

Chikita, No the Muppets.

Anony, be my guest, and the city is inhabeted by 5.6 Million people, how many Micro buses do you think that is?

anony 2: I have no Idea what you are talking about do you?

Gene said...

It feels so damn strange to be sitting in San Jose, California and reading your BLOG. I wish you luck.


white rose said...

hehehe! la o fogaaha mako ka7rabaa mako may o kol mofakhakha tgool ani!!
yaba ween nroo7 metgoololy??!!

Anonymous said...

A Bateekh??


It does seem that something is afoor over there. There has been scuttle about the U.S. backing a change in the provinsional government...perhaps to a more dictatorial status. It is easier for the U.S. to deal with when they know exactly who is in charge. That is why they supported the Shah in 53. Keep us up to date. Also what were your sources on this and how could I access them if at all.


Zappy Corleone said...

Heretical Jew, Bateekh means Pumpkins aka; country of pumpkins, as for where do i get my news from is all u have to do is be in baghdad have close friends and ask the famous Iraqi question "Shakoo? Makoo?" results are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

And to add more on the screening activity, i suggest that the bateekh & the raggi should be screened. And the screeners & abu the screeners should also be screened. We don't want to take any risks. Or do we? Life is short u know...