Friday, April 07, 2006

First Post 7th of April

This is my first Post "on this Blog" the occasion is simply the 7th of April, a new beginning for me, see.. Three years ago I was nearly killed with all my family when we were shelled on this same day in 2003 but that's a different story altogether, you can call me Zappy!, I live in Baghdad, Iraq. And this is where I express myself...
My wife just came and encouraged me to tell this days story.
On the 7th of April 2003 we had our cousin M. Staying with us he was just about to leave with his mother and pregnant wife when my wife called him to drink some Turkish coffee and watch what Mr. Mohammed Said Al Sahaf daily press brief on the Abu Dhabi satellite Channel, you may know him as Baghdad Bob the world greatest liar on Earth, oh by the way a lot of Iraqis had satellite dishes but they were cleverly hidden if you were caught with one in your house you'll get a god fine or a jail sentence.
Anyway me my Father mother Sister and cousin M. Were gathering and joking about Mr Sahaf and as soon as the press brief began the Shells began flying in the children were sleeping downstairs in the guest room I Grabbed little M my youngest daughter and cousin M grabbed D from her legs and pulled her violently my father yelled to gather in a hurdle and put a blanket on our heads, for the next 20 minutes I was thinking of nothing but of when the next shell will hit us and God places his mercy on us and finish everything all we heard was the shattering of the Glass windows, the thick wooden door with the thick crossbar being blown of its hinges into the guest room the smell of Kerosene and Gas from the blown up Kerosene tank and the smell of gunpowder and the smell and sound of death, the neighbor's children crying over the wall and calling my father Amo! Amo! Please help us Amo! Help us over the wall let us in your home. My father told them to stay put and not move duck! Under ! Don't move ! I cant help you!
after the deadly twenty minutes I heard my friend and naghbour yelling my name are you alive! Are you alive in there! We ran through the what used to be our trusty door and saw a horrific sight the car was turned into a sieve the shrapnel was everywhere fuel kerosene and Gas was everywhere shrapnel hat hit the car so bad there was practically no car at all, the main gate which is a 5mm thick steel paneled gate was full of holes and right in front of your house was a torso of a human.
his name was H. He was the father of two children he was visiting a neighbor when the shelling began he left his car and began running a 210mm shell hit him point blank, we found parts of his scalp on the house roof.
we were never O.K. after that.
for four days we did not move from the living room, we did not know that the war was over,
we did not eat for four days, until my uncle worried because he was not able to contact us all phone lines were cut so was the electric cable, (we were to scared to run the small generator) came looking for us and saw what happened and told us the story of the fall of Baghdad.
We survived...I Think...


Aunt Najma said...

You really did, thank God.
Al7amdo-lillah 3ala-l salama.

Nice blog by the way.. I added it to Iraq Blog Count now.

larrygag said...

Hi Zappy,
I read your story and it touched me deeply.I am one of many Americans who started off supporting the war and hoped that the liberation from Saddam and his family would be a welcome relief for many of the Iraqis.When there was no triumphant parade for the US soldiers as they entered the city,I think to myself now,uhoh,these people must have had an idea of the chaos and hardship to come.As for me(and many others) it seems Cosmo Kramer could have done a better job at the helm of Iraqi reconstruction(gidiup).best of luck to you.I will pray for you and your family.
laurence Forin

dancewater said...

I was strongly opposed to this war and tried my best to stop it.
I failed.

War is a horror and should be abolished by all sane people everywhere. It is especially horrible to start a war where none existed... and in this case, where there was no threat to anyone. There were many other things that could have been tried to get Saddam out of power.

I am sorry that your family had to live through such a nightmare, and I imagine you still are in a nightmare.

I do hope it settles down soon and the violence stops. But violence begets violence, so I am not surprised at all the violent aftermath of this war the US/UK started. It is a shame the innocent must be the ones to suffer.

The bombings in Amman last year were by former Fallujah residents. I think some of the suicide bombings in Iraq are from the same place.... and I don't think the Fallujah people are mean or evil, they are just mentally ill from all the violence visited on them and their city. I imagine that a lot of them are upset with the rest of Iraq for not standing up for them in November 2004. I imagine their feelings towards Americans are very strong and very negative.

I don't know how we are going to end this mess Bush started.

Wicked said...

Many blessings on your and your family. My heart goes out to you and your country. I cry for the sorrow of your children and the grief of the adults.

We WILL be fighting to get a Democrat as President and to get your country back into your hands.

I would be very interested to hear your opinion about the occupation and what you see happening if the US left. Our government tells us that Iraq would fall into chaos if we left now.

Please write about what you see realistically happening if the US pulled out.

cile said...

heya, i linked you too, to

indeed nice blog, fine style. ;)
i hope you'll be read by many.

Ikhaa said...

I wanted to leave a comment, but I am speechless, some years ago I also read an Iraqi, who tried to tell, daily stories, and then I thought, that is hell, and now, you wrote it so good, could be with you on that day..I almost felt the horrifying time you went through, Zappy you made it with your family, and we hear your voice here and then, from now on I will always, have the image in my head, of that day.
I always say, I get a gift every day; a brand new day...I believe you agree with me.

Zappy Corleone said...

Thank you Ikhaa, by the way today was my 8th anaversary of the incedent, I was telling the story to my my collegues at work, this morning and they were shocked.
Alhamdullah, we should live our days as if there is no tommorow.