Saturday, April 08, 2006

Masters of our Domain

Are we Iraqi's Masters of our Domain? Or are we so emotional that we can't control our own ideas in life? Have you seen two Iraqi's talk? They tend to always disagree, it's in our system in our blood that boils day and night, and does that mean we hate each other? I don't think so.
Where are these new Ideas of hate coming from? My closest friends are from the other sect of Islam we were always faithful friends and always will be, I sometimes tend to be cold blooded, with one of them and I can see his Eyes turn into tomatoes, I never take things seriously it’s the Kid in all Men. But sometimes when we meet and talk I learn new things that could effect a persons Ideals and way of thinking..
M had been blessed with a Baby Son Last year He Called Him B. a cute little devil anyway today he was felling Blue, He told me He's going to have to go the Iraqi Identification directorate and try to change his sons name in case "Somebody" might stop him and identify him as a Sunni, this is not was worrying him what's worrying him more is that he has to place an official add in a public newspaper to have this done, and he fears that one of the Bad guys might try to figure out where he lives and come after him and his family..
So what have we achieved?
In the late Seventies Mr. Saddam did a similar thing to the same people doing Killings on Identities, as an example, in 1979 and during the exams of the University of Basrah in the south were there is a large number of Shia's living the Security Officers came in the exam rooms were students where doing there finals and asked all named "Abdul Zahra" after finishing there exam to come to the Deans room, on that day 32 "Abdul Zahra's" disappeared from the university of Basrah.
Believe it.
So, are these people looking to get even? There's no such thing as even, we here of the Death Squads that roam the Dark streets of Baghdad after the 8:00 p.m. Curfew and it makes you wonder? Where the Hell are the 115,000 U.S. and coalition Soldiers and why are they not stopping these Death Squads, I can tell you of one case where the U.S. Delta forces with some Iraqi's National Guards were able to fight there way in a so called Mosque in the UR district, and freed one hostage.
Any honorable Iraqi no matter what sect, religion or ethnicity is totally disgusted from these hate squads.
In the end My friend, they will kill one another and as the Iraqi Saying goes "There Fire shall eat there Lumber" Narhom Takol Hatabhoom….
Of course some of us innocent bystanders will also die…
So. Are we the Master's of our Domain?
We should be...

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