Sunday, April 09, 2006

When Tigers Roar

Today is the 9th of April a date I don’t really care about, What I want to talk today is about this picture, no its not the Commando 2000, its the great TIGER, what makes this little gadget great is that from May 2003 till this date approximately three million units where imported to Iraq from China thye were sold initially for $300 then their prices dropped to $70, which I believe is more than they are worth, anyway these micro generators that have a nano warranty of from the time you bargain with the seller to actually paying him, were the only means of survival and reduction of the risk of a real civil war in Iraq when the heat reached 50 Celsius, give or "give" 10 degrees, It also made us more experienced in the internal combustion engine and All male Iraqi's became professional Internal combustion experts, you can see them grouped up discussing and troubleshooting there TIGER generators, imagine this... Millions of tiny machines at night going prrr, I find it more amusing than the fall of Saddam, I wish to thank the Chinese manufacturer for there support of the Iraqi citizen in there time of need..
At least we got a substitute for electricity quick, not like Flour, Perkins, Powell, Siemens, Washington Group, Parsons and other companies that spent 3 Billion U.S. Dollars of the U.S. taxpayer's money with not that worthy change in the electric problems of this "Country".

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Aunt Najma said...

Very nice Zappy, I really like your posts.
What would we have done without generators? I can't even imagine!

The climate here is way better than in Baghdad, my relatives in Baghdad sometimes come to Mosul just to be able to breathe. We're also more used to power outages since Saddam didn't care much about us here, but well, we pay way less than you for our generator subscriptions.

You should devote a post about wells too. It's sad to think that our great grandparents lived in a way better life style that the way we are living now!