Monday, April 10, 2006

The "Shoe" Jig

I read Mr. Donald Rumsfeld's article yesterday on the Washington post, I found it very boring, I think the U.S. Military Media has some very naive way of finding out new ideas to spread the "Good News" of Iraq.
Mr. Rumsfeld kindly stick to military tradition and drop the "Good News" jig, it's not working and never did, people still think you "may" not be telling the whole truth.
There is this particular thing I keep seeing in the Military media, the subject of "Shoes"
A picture I recently saw was of a U.S. contractor with the U.S. Army holding a smiling Iraqi boy holding a pair of pink Barbie sneakers" the comment under the picture was "M. hugging a smiling Boy happy with his FIRST pair of shoes" … get it?
Who told you we were climbing trees naked before you invited yourselves in Iraq?
This type of "Aid Africa" mentality is extinct, please stop using it, Saddam used to say that "if it weren't for me, the Iraqi citizen would have been still bare footed with crack in his feet" I'm sorry Mr. Hussien, talk about yourself and your "Royal family" from "Owga" it only applies to yourself.
People, In case you don't know, in 1915 an argument between King Faisal I and a British diplomat concerning the independence of Iraq and Syria after WW I "back then" the suspicious diplomat said " we don’t feel you Arabs are civilized enough to rule a country" King Faisal I, told the Diplomat "Baghdad had a system of street lightening eight hundred years ago when you Europeans were still in the dark ages", not the case anymore J
Another thing…
When you meet a Expatriate coming back from Iraq, don’t put him on your local news channels with a subtitle "Expert on Iraq" he's/she's not, people living in the Fortified "Green" International Zone are not, these people have no idea what's happening behind the concrete walls and whenever the go outside the are in armored vehicles surrounded by mercenaries, they don't talk with Iraqi's on the way, neither do they smell the air in the streets, people avoid them because of the trigger happy mercenaries.


Chuck said...

Dear Zappy,
Great blog - keep it up. Can you get Marmite in Baghdad now? If not I'll send you some!


Zappy! said...

Unfortunately there is no MARMITE in Iraq, and I thank you much for your kind gesture, but I can't give away a postal address due to the security situation running here in Baghdad.

Wicked said...

It is completely distressing to me to see the daily developments in Iraq.

It is refreshing to find an indiginous source of information that has not been filtered through the mainstream media so much that there is nothing of worth in it.

I think the tide is turning, as far as public opinion in the US, about how much longer we should stay there.

Please keep writing and let your voice be heard.