Monday, April 10, 2006

The Soup NAZI

Let me make one point clear, I have no grudge against any person in this whole wide world, I have many friends that are Sunni Arabs, Shia Arabs, Christian Assyrians, Christian Kildans, Sunni Kurds Shia Kurds Christian Kurds Meda'an "Arab Marsh men" Americans, some "boring, mad and a couple of normal" Englishmen, and one wise English-Afrikaner fox.
Back to the subject, have you seen those U.S. counselors at the U.S. embassy in Amman, Jordan? Very witty people, I'm sure they want to make sure that the U.S. homeland is safe, any citizen wishes his country safe, but sometime its ridiculous.
My story is before the incident of the terrorist attacks on the U.S. homeland; my story goes back to 1995.
I had just finished my draft service with the Iraqi Army and got "released" after 18 months of service, "released" takes about four months and thats only if your paperwork is all correct, thats why the first thing that was burneddown after the U.S. "liberation" was the Drafting offices, of course all this is to get a bloody legal passport, any Iraqi male reaching the age of 18 years or completes his Academic study is automatically drafted to the military service "just to clear things up"
I received a letter from a respectful U.S. university granting me a postgraduate Masters course, after 18 months of military service it felt like going to heaven, in those terrible years of sanctions I won't go through on how I was selected but I had some very close relatives who gave it a push, thank you relatives.
Let's leap on the details of how I was treated on the Jordanian borders by the respectful Jordanian intelligence service and go right through to the doors of the U.S. Embassy.
I was dropped of at the gates of the U.S. Castle in the Abdoun district of western Amman and waited on the half a mile queue, after realizing that I didn't have to wait in queue I entered the consular service of the Embassy Castle I had to fill in two forms not like the rest of the people Appling for Visa's because I'm an Iraqi the second form requires your military service details "All of it" with dates and places, now let us not forget that in 1995 Mr. Saddam "they guy fond of telling people he gave them shoes to wear" was still in power and even though I'm on U.S. territory you still get that crawling feeling on the back of your neck, anyway my turn was due and the counselor AKA "the Soup NAZI" called my name, you have to stop on a yellow line on the ground, you don't want to cross that line if he doesn't tell you to neither do you talk to him if he doesn't ask a question, after showing the "kind gentleman" my letter of acceptance and the U.S. State department I-20 form he pinched me with a Byzantine argument, that I found out latter was one of the top one arguments to not give an alien "me" a visa the great "Section 214(b)"
I left the Embassy with all my hopes shattered sat on the pavement in front of the Castle…

That was back in 1995.

I don't have a Grudge I Just felt hurt. I still go to the Universities website and look at the pictures and the events.



Wicked said...

So sorry your weren't able to come study in the states.

I would be very interested in following your blog if you had your RSS/Atom feed set up. Go into your Blogger dashboard, Settings, then the site feed tab. Select "yes" to enable site feed. Then put a link to it in your side bar. This will enable users who read lots of blogs to enter your site into a blog reader that will update anytime you post a new entry. Here is a link to help you figure out how to do it.

Faisal ... said...

Hello Zappy.

I understand how it feels when somehow you were stopped fulfilling your dreams. The situation in Irak is worse now relative to 95' but other things have changed (in the world) for the better too. The amount of information that you can obtain through the net is amazing - and friends as well ;-). I am not saying that you use the net as an alternative here but rather take the little positive things around you and make them bigger for you. Who knows that you might go the US for your postgrade one day!

PS Najma lead me to your site ;-)