Monday, April 17, 2006

wHo DiD iT?

A viewer was wondering who Assassinated the Two young men? in my previous Blog, and if somebody is investigating into it?

Let me clarify…


The human life in Iraq is cheap in their eyes, all they care about is power and money.

These people, that the wise department of state and the wise department of Defense of the United States of America found that they should be the people that represent Iraq and got them in the Iraqi political grinder, are not who should govern Iraq, these selfish people that we elected by the way “beggars can’t be choosers”, cant govern their bowls!
They love to disagree and the evil ones in this government are busy Assassinating their rivals in a democratic way “by using a 9mm or a 7.62mm”, they don’t have time to investigate.
I do not blame All U.S. Soldiers in Iraq, Iraqi policemen or all the Iraqi National Guard or All the Ministry of Interior commandos as bad guys, but some are.

I wish to clarify also, I am against all types of extremism, I Also believe that we have plain terrorists, the despicable cut throats “The Zarqawi followers”, you have government terror “Some MoI Commandos brigades” these people have been trained by the U.S.Green Berets, you have “Most” of the “above the law PSD groups“ Private Security Details, these are mainly mercenaries working under contract with the U.S. Embassy In Baghdad, and they tend to put a small 2” by 2” Sign written on it “stay 100 meters away lethal force authorize” at the end of the Last armored 4x4 convoy car just beneath the Gunners window “the trigger happy Gunner mainly uses a .50 Browning” download the Video here or go to, who authorized the use of lethal force?.. That’s right the USDoD! They move in unmarked cars and they always cover their ugly faces, somebody told me that some Expatriates in Iraq wear T-shirts with that Sign on, I think that is Vulgar and uncompassionate. Every Iraqi citizen hates that Sign.
The Militia’s these are mainly bums or BADR corps, they get some small payments whenever they are sent like today in Al Azamiyah District at 3:30 A.M., the people in the neighborhood fought them till they killed most of them, until the ING’s and the U.S. Army came in nine hours latter and took the bodies away “the G.I’s were busy shooting at parked cars and house gates”.
The schools there are all closed down and the ING say that they are not responsible if a child going to school these couple of days gets shoot.

Dear Sir,
Baghdad is in chaos, its been four months since the elections, we still do not have a real government, and every Iraqi believes that we only have God who cares about us anymore, nobody loves Iraq anymore.
I Was seven years old when the first war with Iran began, I am 34 years old, I have lived 27 years of different wars, sanctions, and currently semi civil war.
I have been lucky not to get killed three times 1982, 2003, 2006.
I hope that my luck will not fail me under the law of probability and statistic.
But let us always remember…

Any Iraqi killed today by the Terrorists, the US Army, the Militia, the Iraq Army..etc.

Is just another unpublished statistic…

By the way PSD’s, ever wondered how close you have to be to read your Gunners Sign? Duh?


P.S. to the U.S. Government.

Thank you for getting rid of Saddam’s Tyranny, No thanks for not having a plan B.
Your not free to go back home until you clean up your mess!

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