Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Self Preservation Society

Tomorrow, the nice people of the Iraqi parliament that we “Suckers” elected are going to meet for the second time…

I wonder what they are going to discuss on their second meeting.

If you are wondering what happened on the first meeting then I’ll tell you..

The first meeting actually took approximately 18 minutes, during those long minutes there was, as I recall two speeches, both had objections against them, typical…

Now let us forget the past and be Optimistic, we hope that tomorrows meeting will name the President of the Republic of Iraq and his two vice presidents, a Chairman for the parliament of the Republic and … YES A bloody prime minister!!… then we will live happy ever after, the Multi National Forces in Iraq will vanish back to their coaches eating potato chips and drinking Beer watching the Super Bowl, Mr. Zarqawi will leave to his second target Maybe go all the way to the Islands of “Waq Waq” and declare his holy war over there against the Dodo’s, the Death Squads disappearing back to the Republic of the Sith, the terrible Mosquitoes leave my legs alone and leave with all the mentioned above (Maybe the Flies go too), the streets of Baghdad return clean, I can go back to the Tigris river and do much needed fishing, the electricity gets fixed, the broken water, sewage pipes & our hearts will automatically mend..

But of course all this is Fictional, Just wait tomorrow you’ll see….

What they are going to really agree on is their compensation plan, who gets how much and how many apartments in the International Zone Building complex…after they throw out the people living there already…
But can you really blame them, people hungry for power must be able to preserve themselves…
Ah and they are going to ask the Media to leave the Hall to discuss the above “Important Issues”


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Eye Raki said...

I can already predict what will happen.

Someone will speak for 5 minutes, then 47 people will object and argue about the speech. Then someone else will speak for about 10 minutes, than half the Iraqi parliament will protest, then 15 minutes or arguing, then the session will be adjourned "until further notice"

In that 15 minutes of arguing and shouting, they might agree on a speaker.