Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Deal with the Pigeons

There is no Deal between people walking on the pavements and MoI Commandos, what makes matters worse is what happened three weeks ago in "Tahreer" Square right in front of the Hurriya "Freedom" monument downtown Baghdad. Two Girls going to school on a Thursday Morning were overrun by hurrying MoI Commando cars speeding on the pavement of the monument because their was a traffic Jam in the Square itself...

they never stopped..niether did they look back..

Both girls died immediately in front of dozens of people.

the police car standing in the square tried to rush them to the emergency Hospital, but the Girls were dead already.

Now, what would their parents think, two young children going in the morning to school, never arriving there, then somebody tells them we are sorry they are dead.

when you overrun an Animal in the street you at least look back and consider what you did, have we been degraded to below that?

I'm sorry but this is how it is, in the every day life in Hell city "Baghdad" ,Republic of Iraq.


Alex Gray said...

Zappy, that's horrifying. I want to say something but the words come out sounding hollow. It seems so clear that the Iraqi government should have it's mandate from the people and should serve their interests, but every day that seems to be less and less the case. Keep safe.

hala_s said...

Nothing to comment really,
Just wanted you to know that I read this sad post, and immediately picked the phone to check on my two nieces. I know it couldn't be them but I did not know what else I could do.