Friday, April 28, 2006

The Good Samartian

I saw a Movie yesterday that maybe you have seen, its called Flight plan, It made me count my blessings and thank God that I’m in Iraq.
People here do disappear, but that does not mean that nobody cares about you.
Somebody told me a story about an Ukrainian Foreman working here in Iraq in one of the many American bases, the story goes that he was found deceased after he disappeared for a Week, a whole week and nobody missed his presence, in a high security U.S. camp, he died of natural causes in his room, but this is not the point, the point is people should not be self centered, people must look on every other else.
Civilizations fall due to selfishness, that’s what history tells us, care for you neighbors, for they will care for you.

P.S. I also saw Kingdom of Heaven, great film, I applaud it.

Another P.S. I also completed Seinfeld all 184 episodes, nearly 70 hours, and it made me sad (and my wife relived).



trew00 said...

Hey man! A long time ago I saw a fine movie too. It was an episode of a serie called "The Twilight Zone".The story was: a man was in his home when a mysterious man knocks the door. He says: "Here is a box with a button. If you press the button one person you dont know will die, but you get one million dollars". After a couple of days of meditation the man pressed the button. That night the mysterious man returned with the money. So the new millionaire asked: "And now, what happens?". "Now I'm taking the box to another person, and you will certainly know if the person pressed the button".
In Iraq war the story is not much different. What changes are the values and the consequences: if you press the button, more than one hundred thousand people you dont know dies, but you get one billion dollars, every month. And you dont die for that.
So, would you press the button? If you wouldn't, would some of your neighbors?

Riot Starter said...

If the story of the foreman was to tell of something, it just tells how the value of human life is non-existant...not that anybody had a doubt that it did, in the first place!