Monday, May 01, 2006

Chris Hondros

Chris Hondros is a professional photographer with Getty Images, he was imbedded with some U.S. troops in Tal Afar (Near Mosul) north Iraq, a U.S. patrol encountered a Car at night and because its “better Safe than Sorry” they fired on the car.
Please look at his slide show.

I Just want you to look close on the first picture and think about the little girl.

This, I believe was back in January 2006.

How many U.S. patrols are running Without a Chris Hondros and not reporting correctly what they do?

I think its time to put a grownup with these kids patroling the streets, I understand that they are scared, but some of them fell a little imortal and have a trigger happy attitude.

Have a nice day.


Rubin said...

Hey "Chris Hondros",

you might get a chance to run Iraq yourself someday jr. :)

nice pictorial essay

Bruno said...

You know what is funny? The Brits and the remainder of the so called Coalition don't use the same fanatical "rules of engagement" as the Americans and they kill a lot less Iraqis, and get shot at a lot less too. When was the last time you heard of an Italian getting killed? I guess the yanks just like shooting at stuff.

trew00 said...

"I guess the yanks just like shooting at stuff."
I think you are right. When was the last time you heard of a non-yank going to school and shooting the colleagues?

Doug said...

The Brits are in a much safer area, that is why they shoot less. They opened up on that crowd around the down chopper the other day, justifiably so.

If the Iraqis would help out by pointing out where the fucking terrorists are so they could be arrested or killed then every US soldier could go home. Believe me none of them wants to be in that dump surrounded by a bunch of ingrates.

cile said...

that picture of the little kid reminds me of a pic of a chechen girl, in the beginning of the nineties. after an explosion she was covered with blood and mud. the strange effect of the pic was that she nearly looked like a clown, which lead to a series of contradictive emotions, looking at it. i still have that pic. i'm less sure if chechenia still exists...