Tuesday, May 09, 2006

"Green" Zone

One of the readers of my Blog Invited me into the Green Zone in Baghdad last week, being suspicious in nature, I really didn't think that was a good idea, I mean me Blogging and criticizing mainly people and offices that are In the Green Zone, anyway that's a different story..
what caught my eye during the tour inside was the Date Palms, I noticed how neglected they were, they had the "Dobas" I think its some kind of beetle.
By the way my escort corrected me that its not called the Green Zone but the International Zone.
It Figures, by the way they Neglect the Gardens and Date Palms.
another thing, I found this nice Iraqi website.


Anonymous said...

Aaaahhhhh...the date palms! I dream of replanting the palms of Iraq! Surely all the fractions can agree that the trees (those cut down by Sadam, those cut down by US forces, those destroyed by a car bomb) should be replanted. And God willing peace would grow with the trees. Or at least, by the time some government actually took root, the trees would be grand and beautiful.

Treasure of Baghdad said...

[sigh]... Everytime I go to the GZ to cover a press conference or do an interview, I feel so sad when I walk in the street in front of al-Rasheed Hotel. It is full of barricades and concrete barriers. I don't know how to describe my sorrow over Iraq...