Sunday, May 21, 2006

How the Other Side feels

Have you ever seen a Old John wayne Western cowboy movie, have you ever wondered maybe the "Indians" are the good Guys?

I noticed this Blog, Its about a 101st Airborne U.S. Soldier doing his rounds in Iraq, I didn't like what he says about Iraq in his profile, but thats his point of view, He likes to draw Comics, give him a visit.

I Really hope he doesn't get used to the "Smells of Iraq" :P


Riot Starter said...

I hope the smell get under his skin really. Something of the sort like sticking in his nostrils for the rest of his life :P just out of spite...
As we say...etha ma3ajba, ma7ad dharba 3la eeda!

Zappy! said...

"If you don't like it , Nobody slapped you on the hand"

Areef John said...

I just "did my time" but I miss the smells. Fallafel. Lamb and rice on Eid. Tea. Wood fires in villages. Bread.

I miss the date palms of Babil Province, donkey carts, canal roads, paintings of Imam Ali (P.B.U.H.) in towns, the auto stickers of the Imams and the one of the female singer (can not remember her name) I felt embraced by Iraq, yet betrayed by my own country.

The smells are on all of us who served. It is worse for some than others.

May God the compassionate protect Iraqi friends and strangers, and forgive us.