Sunday, May 21, 2006

Where Tigers Roar III

Dear Don Cox,

Reply to your comment on my previous post

I had a chat with an Irish man a couple of months ago, we agreed that its infeasible because:
1- expensive
2- to many stray bullets, may damage them
3- dusty environment, the panels need a lot of cleaning
4- solar panels would help in reducing the needs from the national grid but would never be an alternative

We are currently not getting more than 1 hour of electricity each 12 hours in this heat and humidity.

the other alternative windmills, Iraq during the summer falls under a high pressure so winds are nearly zero, plus windmills are very expensive, and should be custom made.

the U.S. has obligated more than 3.7 Billion Dollars for the reconstruction of the National Grid, but due to bad planning and lots of facilities overworked and badly maintained due to:

1- the 1990 Gulf war one of the Major objective was destroying all electricity facilities
2- sanctions for 13 years -> lack of spare parts and maintenance with whatever was available
3- Insurgent activities, Insurgents are strategically targeting the main Hubs of the National Grid and destroying the High tension towers
4- Insurgent activities targeting the fuel lines laid between the refineries and the power stations. 5- High security and life support costs, about 67% of the 3.7 billion goes on life support and security of the Expatriate advisors plus lots of corruption.

bottom line its better to pay the $180 than dream that this country is every going to get its electricity back in the next 10 years.

and believe me I'm being optimistic.

Note this the Sanctions on Iraq Backfired, so I really hope in the future Sanctions are never applied on any nation, Its better to kill us than Hunger people.

P.S. Whenever you drink a cool Ice water remember me ;)


Don Cox said...

Hmmm. It looks like generators are the answer for now. Nothing else will improve until the insurgents and organised criminals are defeated. There's no point in spending billions on the grid if those clowns are going to keep blowing it up.

Riot Starter said...

The government might want to extend their generosity (since they're so generous to themselves, you know) and distribute one gigantic generator per block or however they see distribution proper...(Their "sight" is questionable) that would count as "them doing something to serve the Iraqi Citizen". Unless they feel neither obliged to serve the citizen nor obliged to get him something if he can't get it for himself...(which actually sounds like how they deal with electricity and apparently everything else).

marycgross said...

It's more sophisticated to build, but if you run grey water or fresh water across the back of your photovoltaic panels, it will dramatically increase the electricity output (due to the fact that energy = work as photons pass through the silicon chips and back, cooler chips = more energy).
Passive solar water heating is very simple to build and can defray the some electricity use. In combination, roof top panels over shallow water heating pools - perhaps.

they might be able to aquire resources.