Saturday, May 20, 2006

Where Tigers Roar II

Well, finaly my 3Kv generator succeded in its suicide attempt, it blew to pieces after its last 20 hour run last night :)
of course being an Iraqi, I dont belive in mechanical suicide so I called my two best friends Mr. "Akraf Lawee Sin Akees Alankee 9.5" and Mr. Kind Bear we took the bloody thing to turning mechanic to remove a cut bolt and then to the "Dream Land" a place called Said Sultan Ali where you see thousands of diffrent types of really expensive generators and underwater pumps and water pumps and power tools!, anyway i'm broke so i went directly to the mechanic, he suggested that it would cost $180 and I suggested to myself that i may need a Nitro tablet under my tounge, after some argument I finaily accepted and he carried on with fixing the Bloody thing, I keept telling the Generator "in my heart" I hate you I Hate you.
anyway we took a tour in the Market and asked about prices and sizes any fuel consumption since todays problems in Iraq is the Fuel prices, its nearlly imposible to by Gasoline or Desiel Fuel from the Gas station unless your a die hard and willing to stay in Que in this heat for five to six hours.
I found out that the Street leads to Al Rashied Street Where dozens of power tools dealers have opened and i kept droling on the windows of Black and Decker and BOSCH.

eventually it was time to go back to the mechanic, i paid him with a happy face he was able to resserect it took it back home bought some fuel from the ugly black market guy and now i'm happily blogging ;)

Have a great day!


Don Cox said...

Is anyone in Iraq installing solar panels or windmills yet?

Riot Starter said...

Congradulations on the resurrection. I'll bet that was a true moment of epiphany on the mechanic's side, trying to make an exhausted generator function :)
Been there, done that. And Damn! It's nerve-wrecking!
alla y3een.