Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thought Riot

I Just received a comment from a Iraqi liberal Patriotic Girl, I don't seem to know where she's blogging from, but who cares anyway, as long as its a good blog, she's taking politics to seriously.
I wish her the best.


H.N.K said...
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H.N.K said...

thanks for visiting my blog,
and by the way: خوش شجرة تمر

Jon in MD near DC said...

Read a few of your blog postings and they're great. I reached you through a link from Liminal's latest post on Shlonkom Bakazay? and then followed your link to Thought Riot. I hope to return regularly. Added both of you to my Favorites list right away!

Zappy! said...

Thanks for the Comments jon and hnk its called a "Nakhla" :)