Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Do people still remember the eight year war with Iran?

Most people are busy with Today’s daily events.

I met a Guy who was a POW in Iran, he was captured when he was a Lieutenant back in 1982. he was sent to a POW camp near the previous Soviet Union boarders, he was one of the luck officers that the International Committee of the Red Cross were able to register.
The stories he told me makes any humans bones shiver, the treatment the torture both physically and mentally.

He was sentenced three times to be executed because he was accused of being a trouble maker in the Iranian camp, in the three times he was blindfolded in front of the firing squad he heard the rifle cocks and the rattle of the AK-47’s when the blindfold was removed he saw his colleagues tied beside him shot dead.

In winter they used to be sprayed with water, in Summer they were deprived of water.

One of the torture methods was making the Iraqi POW’s sit naked on a red hot kerosene stove, after a couple of weeks after they return to torture them by the same method just in case they healed. Another method was forcing a high pressure one inch rubber water hose up their rectum and opening the water until their intestines exploded.

The guards were periodically change in case they might feel soft towards the POW’s, one kind jailer in 1989 gave smuggled them a small Radio transistor so they could know what was happening in the world. They didn’t believe the war was over one year before in 1988, nobody told them.

After the ICRC insisted that they change of POW should begin, he and his colleges were told that they were going home back to Iraq, was sent by bus on the 25 hour trip from the POW camp to the Iraqi boarders four times just to be told that he was mistakenly included in the POW exchange. One of the POW was actually walked by the Iranian Guards right to the Iraqi – Iranian boarder post and he could see the Iraqi flag on the other side, just to be pulled back right in front of the ICRC, his heart couldn’t stand the shock and he died.

The ICRC asked them for the body since he was dead and all, but the Iranian’s refused and they took his body away.

The Lieutenant was eventually released in May 2003 ten days before the fall of Baghdad. The war with Iran ended in 1988 he remained in Iranian POW camps for six years during that terrible war and fifteen years after the war was over.

Iraq still has thousands of forgotten MIA “unregistered POW” in Iranian POW camps.

And Mr. Mubark, the president of Egypt, and his Royal Excellency the King of Jordan say Iraqi Shia are more emotionally involved with Iran than their own Country.


melody said...

That is so sad! It breaks my heart.

Don Cox said...

Why do we only hear about what the Americans did in Abu Ghraib (disgusting and criminal though it was)? ___There do seem to be two large militias in Iraq which are loyal to Iran.

Riot Starter said...

His Excellency Mr. Mubarak and His Royal Majesty King Abdullah the Second of Jordan will be paving road on which the...(Can't find a word) feet of his (Something...something) Saddam Hussein will walk on his long journey to hell!

P.S.: I buy none of them for a nickel.