Tuesday, May 16, 2006

“wiLd WilD WeSt” or “The Exodus of Women”

Al Amiriyah District is a small district on the west side of the Tigris river “al Karkh”, this district used to be one of the most expensive neighborhoods in beautifully Baghdad back in the stone ages “Prior April 2003”, its main street called “al Amal al Shabi” was one of the most busiest street filled with people shopping, going to the famous Chicken Restaurants, lots of teenagers hanging around till dusk.

Now in the Golden age “Post April 2003” you should see that same street, concrete barriers, so cars would slow down, 99.9% of the shops shut due to terrorist threats, not even barber shops.

On Sunday the whole street was filled with threat notices posted by the “Honorable Resistance” AKA “Zarqawi’s” its main subjects are:

Men are not allowed to grow goatees
Men are not allowed to wear Jeans
Men are not allowed to remove their facial hair
Woman are required to wear a “Juba” some kind of black gown that looks like a sack
Woman are not allowed to drive
Women are not allowed to leave their homes without a chaperon

Any one not obeying these rules will be shot.

On that same day a young boy coming back from school was shot at the “Amal al Shabi” street.

Women are leaving their homes and husbands, fathers and children for the fear of their life and are exuding to other districts.

One Question to the people responsible for providing security to that neighborhood “The Iraqi National Guards”, why are you not doing your F***ing Job!

Breaking news, the “Jamieyah District” near the previous district is under siege right now by the Iraqi National Guards and their affiliates the U.S. Army, Rumor is that Mr. Zarqawi is in the neighborhood.

My final thought is how much Blood remains in our veins, how many more Gallons need to be spilled on this Land? Is it worth it? Or should I to leave this City? Country?

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