Saturday, July 08, 2006

350 ID per Liter II

For all who do not know what the Impact is on matters of prices let me explain;

350 is at the twelve hour pump station queue, thats if you ever make it through.

the black market price is 1.5 US Dollars.

you need at least 40 liters per day for you generator and Car that totals about to 60 dollars a day

thats approx 1800 US Dollars a month..

tell that to a the avarage Joe with a salary of 200 dollars a month Maximum and explain to him that during Saddams Regime when he used to full up his Car for 0.3 cents a liter and having only four hours a Day electricity blackout, comparied to the 18 hours a day blackout now.

try to explain to him why his children can't play in even his own garden and why they cant go to school more than three or four days a week, and explain why prices are so high and crime is so great
and explain to him why a suspect murderer is released from Abu Graib.
explain why the Government cant even protect itself.
and why the Multi national forces are just sitting around and doing useless patrols in rural areas causing damage to themselves and to inocent people.

I think the Multi National Forces should clean up there act before even thinking of leaving Iraq, they really should reconsider what they are doing and loose ther grip on the Iraqi government to do something.


Don Cox said...

"why the Multi national forces are just sitting around and doing useless patrols in rural areas"____I think that's unfair. The main activity of the coalition forces is, and should be, training the Iraqi forces to take over. It is time for the Iraqis to take care of their own security. Yes, it will be tough. ____As for the rural areas, that is where safe houses are likely to be found. An isolated farm is a good place for a car bomb factory.

Don Cox said...

Why is crime so great? Could this have anything to do with Saddam releasing 80,000 criminals from jail? Add to this that his jailers and torturers are now unemployed.

lee mcdaniel said...

In my previous comment, I did say from my "perspective". I full well realize that your situation is vastly different-for the worse.

Inasfar as explanations, one could say something trite, like "war is hell", but as an adult you know the real equation. I sympathize with you and sincerely hope you and yours preserver. I feel you will.

Riot Starter said...

Bad to worse, worse to worst...but the list goes on for Iraq!

David All said...

It seems that the Coalition Forces are always clueless and too late in whatever they do. As an American I am ashamed that my country has made such a total mess of the occupation & reconstruction of Iraq. I can only hope, and this now only a faint hope, that somehow all this suffering will be worth it for the Iraqi People.