Sunday, July 16, 2006

On Matters of "No Exceptions!! & Respect"

Nice to be firm in very important subjects, by the way I am "Sadly" back.

The phrase "No Exceptions" is a very firm word used in many places, for many subjects and to make sure that people pay attention and be alert, however there is one thing that the user should bare in mind.

It is particularly silly to use it in Iraq, the reader might say why? my answer is.. your not reading my blog are you?

Iraq is an exception the average Iraqi is an exception, he is unique, partly because if he is reading this article now that means he is still alive, the other part is because he is managing his life with nearly no energy, no clean water, no nothing, he spends money on daily needs no other human being may have even heard of.
IraqiƂ’s are Exceptions.

If you tell an Iraqi to do such and such on a strict date and/or a strict place to be then you are virtually telling him to get lost! & bug off!

The average Iraqi has seen four wars in his life; he has seen and lived Terror, Battles, Fascism, Sanctions and Crime, he has to survive daily and if an Iraqi "I mean the type still in Iraq" ever was nominated for Survivor, I can guarantee that he shall win.

We are Survivors, we Also have the Right to live, we have the right to do as any Human walking in the early morning streets of Amsterdam towards his work, or catching the underground in London, or just strolling the roads of Paris with his sweetheart.

But then again, If our own government has no respect for us, if texpatriatepatriates we elected for Parliament and Government are only worried about their selfish Egos and lives nothing else, then why should other people in other countries respect us?

When 1.5 Million Iraqis are sitting in Cairo, Egypt,4 Million in Damascus, Syria and 1.5 Million in Amman, Jordan not counting the Million in Tehran, Iran. And when the streets are Empty in Baghdad, I mean Baghdad where you couldn't reach downtown "Bab al Sharqi" for an Hour in the crowded streets today I made it in 12 minutes, then I "Think" there is a Screw-up!!

I'm disgusted


lee mcdaniel said...

I think I take exception to your numbers- 8 million in exile (31% of your population). For example the numbers I have are about 400,000 to 500,000 in Jordan (see Zeyad's site for sources). I do , however comiserate with you on your existance at the moment.

I hope we can agree that if Iraqi would stop killing Iraqi, things would be better for you.

Doubting Thomas said...

I'm disgusted too, Zappy, for three and a half years we've been responsible for your safety and we've screwed it up. I can't understand why a superpower can't build an army and police in three years, but this Sadr butcher builds an army and runs whole cities and neighborhoods? I know he gets his money and weapons from Iran, so Iran can build a better army than we can? I cannot understand the half-assed way we've gone about the whole thing. I'm sorry.

Rubin said...

No exceptions, You are ZAPPY!

If trying times build character you'll own the Character Bank when all this is done.

I hope you and yours are able to celebrate something very soon.

Don Cox said...

Muktada may have built a rough militia in a year, but has he done anything to improve the electricity or water or schools in the districts he controls? What is the crime rate in those areas? Any loud mouth can assemble a gang of thugs. It takes years to train first class professional soldiers or police.

Gilgamish said...

oh wow, alot of iraqis abroad, even if the war ended, do you think alot of ppl are going back, given that the land is not well suitable for living ie. depleted uranium?

or i am just exagerating?

blind_puppy said...

hi zappy.. hope your little gals are fine.. i came across your blog 2days ago and i have read some of the old entries.. and thanks to them, now i kinda understand why my boyfriend would want to go back to baghdad now when things are getting worse. well, he left 7years ago, and never go back since.. but now he thinks that the situation in baghdad has gotten to a point where, hope does not exist anymore for his family.. so he would like to go back and see his family, maybe for one last time..

i guess for most of the iraqi, homeland is more important than anything. including their girlfriend/fiancee..

anyway, i hope situation will be better in iraq soon, and hope that the bloodshed, sectarian attack would somehow, miraculously cease overnight..

Anonymous said...

Thank God you're commenting often on Hala's blog, but it'd be nice if you updated your own, so we could know more immeadiately that you're alive!

Anonymous said...

It's been 10 days since you've posted. Are you ok?