Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Terminal Man

Well, yes it has been ten days since my last post, I did arrive to Baghdad safely, it had been a tremendous experience we had to fly over Lebanon on the first day of that unfortunate new War and the Pilot was told to turn around towards the north towards turkey I had a terrible experience, It reminded me of a story I once read when I was a kid in an Arabic magazine about (Sir) Alfred “the Terminal Man” the gentleman was and it seems still is waiting in the Charles de Gaulle Airport for the Past 20 years, all I had to Stay in one of the Airports was “only” three days! I thought I would never be able to go back to Iraq and it really made me terrified!
I’m back and during my hazardous journey from the Baghdad International Airport towards home I saw that most roads in Baghdad where empty the whole shopping districts and areas are closed, the main highway had concrete barrack in the middle of the road.
I have been busy everyday scavenging for Benzene for my Small Generator, that’s the main reason that I had no time to Post anything new.

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nice weave and tie in ZAP!