Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Another Heist

Yesterday a gang stormed the Rafidain Bank located in Camp Sara "Al Kam" they killed two of the Bank gaurds and a the Banks Janitor, they wonded 19 bank employee's and stole $4,000.

are these peoples lives all worth only $4,000?

later today al banks in the Azamiyah Area have relocated to safer Area's Banks in Al Azamiyah Area are no longer.

If people are selfish enough to not care about their naghbours and defend them then This City and country will remain in the dark ages till kingdom come.

P.S. forgot to say that Im on the brink of getting screwy 8}

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Rubin said...


[..]At a military briefing in the Green Zone today the U.S. military announced it had arrested four men thought to be responsible for kidnapping Christian Science Monitor reporter Jill Carroll in January

She was released after 82 days in captivity, but every reporter in Baghdad felt vulnerable after her abduction, so today's news means that four individuals who were a threat to us are now out of commission.

According to today's briefing, about a month ago a sharp-eyed young Marine lieutenant on patrol near Fallujah recognized some exterior details on a house he'd read about in an intelligence report. A green gate and some decorative work above the front door piqued his curiosity.

The Marine led his patrol to the house and asked the owner's permission to enter, and once inside noticed more details familiar from the report: a staircase leading up to a small room with a bookcase in one corner, a television set and an electric fan. [..]