Sunday, August 06, 2006

Breaking News Spread the Word NOW!!

A C-130H Spectre “like a C-130” is firing its rounds for the past 90 minutes on the Far East side of Sadr City they are using there Vulcan Canons and some Airborne artillery shells. I have no Idea what’s happening on the ground. I also hear Fighter planes in the Air.
The Mahdi Army are firing Back “with what?” all I hear are shoots from AK-47 And medium machine guns firing everywhere.. spread the news Now!!

Seems the word on the street is TRUE!

Update:it seems to have ended now "word on the street" says "it was a limited operation" one house was distroyed, yabks and APC's were also involved.


Anonymous said...

Sistani needs to get involved and end this ....

All resources should be directed
against foreign terror groups in Iraq and the Former Regime elements that are unwilling to
accept new government ....

Its moronic for al-Sadr to waste
Shia lives and American lives ...
when The new Iraqi government
is established ....

All support must be for the new Government and Sistani must
make this clear to al-Sadr

Rubin said...

Hey Zappy thanks for the report.. wish I was there.. [seriously, I'm an adrenaline junkie]

Anonymous said...

An AC-130 operating in a city? I know those things are supposed to be accurate but I can't help but thing that there is a "reaonable" chance of hitting something that isn't a "terrorist".

Truth About Iraqis said...

Do not forget the rape of Abeer. How many more Iraqi women were raped?

Troops 'took turns' to rape Iraqi
A US military court has heard testimony of how three soldiers took it in turns to hold down and try to rape an Iraqi girl aged 14 in Mahmudiya in March.
The girl and three family members were allegedly killed by four US soldiers.

Graphic details of the attack at the family's home came in a sworn statement by one of the accused, James P. Barker.

The preliminary hearing will decide whether to court-martial the four. The case is one of a series of atrocities blamed on US forces in Iraq.

Along with Sergeant Paul Cortez, Private Jesse Spielman, and Private Bryan Howard, Specialist Barker is charged with rape and murder.

The four are alleged to have helped a former private - Steven Green, who has since left the army - plan, carry out and cover up the attack. Mr Green has pleaded not guilty in a federal court and will be tried separately in the US.

A fifth soldier is alleged to have lied to cover up for his colleagues.

'Whisky and golf'

Investigator Benjamin Bierce interviewed Mr Barker, 23, on 30 June and took down his statement, he told the hearing at a US military base in Baghdad.

On the day of the attack the soldiers had been drinking Iraqi whisky mixed with an energy drink and practising golf strokes at a checkpoint south of Baghdad, Mr Barker's statement said.

One of the soldiers, Steven Green, said he "wanted to go to a house and kill some Iraqis," it alleged.

The four eventually went to a house about 200 metres (yards) away and put the parents and their five-year old daughter in the bedroom, but kept the older girl in the living room.

According to Mr Barker's statement, he and Mr Cortez took it in turns to rape or attempt to rape her.

Mr Barker heard shots from the bedroom, and Steven Green emerged with an AK-47 in his hand saying "They're all dead. I just killed them."

According to the testimony, Mr Green then also raped the girl and shot her dead.

Her body was doused in kerosene and set alight.

The first day of the hearing on Sunday saw an Iraqi army medic describe how he found the bodies of the four Iraqis.

He told prosecutors he was ill for weeks after witnessing the crime scene.

Proceedings are expected to continue for several days.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2006/08/07 14:49:55 GMT

Rubin said...

al-Guardian: Iraqi PM [Maliki] attacks heavyhanded US tactics

Iraq's prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, has angrily charged American forces with undermining national reconciliation after a US-led raid in the eastern Baghdad stronghold of the radical Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr reportedly caused the death of three people, including a woman and a child.

The forthright criticism of US tactics comes just days after the launch of a much-publicised American-Iraqi crackdown, supported by Mr Maliki, on sectarian Sunni-Shia violence in the capital. But in a statement on government television late last night, Mr Maliki said he was "very angered and pained" by the latest operation, which involved air and ground forces in the volatile Sadr City area early yesterday morning. [...]

file this under: sometimes you can't even win for losing. [an old American saw]


War is a very blunt instrument, and can be the most unforgiving of tools. The violence needed to to overwhelm and maximize the defeat of your opponent's Army while minimising the loss to your own means that war will never be micro surgery.

FACT: Every Army/Air Force/Navy in every War that's ever been fought winds up accidentally killing their very own soldiers/sailors/Marines/ etc...the same is also true for innocent civilians.

OK I recognize that unintended death or injury isn't fair, and is also devastating to their loved ones, but any adult will tell you if you have to employ force to stop evil you'll just have to accept senseless terrible death because death and destruction happen to be the very nature of WAR!

Generally speaking there is less civilian death and fratricide in war today as opposed to 50-100 years ago..although it is a fact that the overall trend is improving it is no solace to the relatives of the recent dead.

Rubin said... we can see TAI is still incapable of, or cannot recognize that 15,000 Shia and Sunni thrill killers try and hide their lust for death by claiming their evil deeds are for done for GOD or the cause of some noble resistance. But what's troubling is that TAI spouts the same crap as the "resistance" does.

No psychologically balanced person or sane person would carry on about one alleged rape and murder when thousands and thousands of folks have been slaughtered by the Jehads with no let up in their killing in sight.

TAI has it ever occurred to you that you might be just as obsessed as the thrill killers themselves?

I mean afterall you do seem to get some kind of gratification in wallowing in it...

Anonymous said...

I mean afterall you do seem to get some kind of gratification in wallowing in it...

rubin, you're a sick man

Rubin said...

rubin, you're a sick man

coming from you TAI [anon], I consider that one of the finest compliments a person has ever received.