Sunday, September 10, 2006

Rasool “Brooh Oobook”

Nearly every shopkeeper in the “Karada Dakhel – Aboklaam & Attar Street” Area know who Rasool is.
He’s a Young ignorant skinny Individual with many talents, he started as a shoeshine boy and was persistently dirty and ragged, his main goal in life was to get over a failed marriage and Marry again, during my acquaintance to him he used to beg for either a Cigarette or a 250 Iraqi Dinar Bill (approx 10 cents) telling us “Brooh Oobook” (on your Fathers soul” give me a 250. When we used to make fun of him and throw a shoe at him he used to throw it back on our heads and spit on us. When it was lunch time he was the first to join us for lunch. When he finishes he curses us and leaves. But that’s Rasool.
One day he told us that when he arrives to Paris, France and becomes the Ambassador there he would call us and laughs and spit on us.
He eventually did marry again, he tidied himself, and his wife barred him a Son, Rasool was overjoyed and called his Son “Gaith”, he gradually started cleaning Goldsmith shops and Cars and became picky which cars he cleaned “I prefer BMW’s because their owners are better than you stinky people” sitting crossed legs in front of us smoking our cigarettes and drinking my “Istikan” of tea. Of course he gets shoes flying all over him and he runs away.

I haven’t seen him for the past two years.

I was told by a Friend of mine two days ago that last week, Rasools parents were searching for him in Karrada.

He was found in the Baghdad Morgue next day.

He had just finished cleaning cars that evening and was heading for home in Sadr city when someone “forgot” a plastic bag in the Micro Bus…

All that was left of Rasool was his Humor & mischief.


Oxford International Review said...

Al Sadr's Spokeperson in Iraq: Oxford International Review Exclusive

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Little Penguin said...

ra7matullah 3aleh..

i really am lost for words..

I hope rasool is somewhere better now.. allah yru7ma..

Nadia said...

I hope Rasool is somewhere better too. I feel for his family, wife and child. I wish them strenght to cope.

Rubin said...

re: la résistance

the Mesopatamian Geniuses™

Surrounded by her remaining children in the courtyard of her modest home, Karima bursts into tears. 'I am so scared. We don't have any news of them. We can't sleep at night we are so terrified. We are so poor. My family relies on my husband and my son for their wages to live on.' The soldiers of Bravo Battery of the 4-320th Artillery of the US 101st Airborne Division, who came to Zafaraniya on Friday to follow up abduction cases involving Sunnis in the area, are shocked by Karima's plight. They empty their Humvees of anything they can find to help her and her children.

brutal eh, and I've have friends trying to help.

Marshmallow26 said...

I am so sorry to hear that, it is really sad.
While I was reading I thought the time will end up with Rasool in Paris indeed...

God has mercy on his soul.

Rubin said...

Zappy, Kudos for portraying Rasool in such a sympathetic light...

an irrepressible spirit who wouldn't be broken.. or forgotten now that you've honored his life.

heart breaking..

Sweet Jesus give the good people of Iraq the power to cast out the evil murdering scum and unite as one people.


Gilgamish said...

kha6iya...alah yur7umeh.

Bruno said...

Zappy, that’s awful.

You described the man so well, I can see him stand before me. I doubt such a person ever had a life-and-death quarrel with somebody over religion, yet he probably died for it. I wish all the foreigners, religious radicals and crazy people would just leave Iraq and go and fight their fight on a big island somewhere.

Bruno said...

[rubin] “Sweet Jesus give the good people of Iraq the power to cast out the evil murdering scum and unite as one people.”

Hmm. Are you talking about this?

British soldier admits war crimes
Al Hilal - September 20, 2006

Six others have pleaded not guilty to charges relating to the death of Baha Mousa, 26, in custody in Basra in 2003.
They were subsequently taken to a temporary detention centre where they were held for 36 hours and repeatedly beaten while handcuffed and forced to wear sacks on their heads, Bevan said. He told the seven-man judging panel: 'One civilian, Baha Musa, died as a result, in part, from the multiple injuries he had received. 'There were no less than 93 injuries on his body at the post-mortem stage, including fractured ribs and a broken nose.’ //end excerpt

Or are you talking about this?

US Resorting to 'Collective Punishment,' Iraqis Say
by Dahr Jamail & Ali al-Fadhily - September 19, 2006

RAMADI - U.S. forces are resorting to collective punishment of civilians in several cities across the al-Anbar province west of Baghdad, residents and officials say.

"Ramadi, the capital of al-Anbar province, is still living with the daily terror of its people getting killed by snipers and its infrastructure being destroyed," Ahmad, a local doctor who withheld his last name for security purposes, told IPS. "This city has been facing the worst of the American terror and destruction for more than two years now, and the world is silent."

Destroying infrastructure and cutting water and electricity "for days and even weeks is a routine reaction to the resistance," he said. "Guys of the resistance do not need water and electricity; it's the families that are being harmed, and their lives which are at stake." //end excerpt

I for one second your prayer for the murdering scum to be thrown out of Iraq.

Rubin said...

Zappy, please let this one through..Brunhilda and I both have thick skins.

Hmm. Are you talking about this?

Not at all B-girl, I was actually referring to your patriots, the Whores of Hell and their socialist oracles, front men and apologist. Take some credit fumarole princess, you've earned it!

Bruno said...

[rubin]"Not at all B-girl, I was actually referring to your patriots"

Ruby, I just love the way that you warmonger yanks can dish it out, but when somebody slugs you back you are reduced to whining about how unfair life is. O

ne day, Americans will look back at what you have done to Iraq today, and wonder "how could our ancestors have acted in such a disgusting and immoral way?" At that moment they should meet you, and then they will understand.

Here's to hoping that your genes get bred out of the human race ...