Friday, September 08, 2006

Brothers, Killing each other

Shia’s are kidnapping the Sunni’s torturing them and killing them, and Sunni’s are decapitating the Shia’s, planting bombs and suicide bombing the markets, Kurds are planning to rip themselves out of the whole country and declaring there own independence, the Turkmen are Angry about that and are worried about Kurkuk, Christian Cheldanians are working hard on their papers to migrate to the U.S. through Cyprus, the Mendain Sabi’es are doing the same, and the Christian Assyrians are thinking about Australia.

Is this true?

Partially yes it is and in the next year if thing remain as they are, if the government remains only thinking of stealing and gathering as much as they can, and if the stupid parliament remains as they are arguing and not listening then the only thing the average Iraqi can do is humiliate himself find a country where he could “feel” safe and secure women are getting listed as “Married” and are trafficked to the United Arab Emirates, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan to work as prostitutes in the nigh clubs, the men are working for petty salaries even though they have high university degrees in these same countries and that’s it.

These freaks “politic parties” that have came with the blessings of the United states to govern Iraq, from the U.S. the U.K., Syria, Iran and Turkey are destroying Iraq, All of them.

My wife is Sunni and my Neighbor is a Turkmen and my other Neighbor is a Kurd, we have lived as neighbors for the pas forty years, we care for each other and we stand for each other.

My best friends are Sunni’s a Kurd and two Cheldanians is that wrong? Have we ever thought about it? No , because we are friends.

Do you know how many Iraqi Doctors, Professors, intellects have left Iraq? Just try going to an Iraqi Hospital one day, you will not find more than one resident in the whole hospitable responsible for everything from Burns to Bones.

Conclusion, We are in DEEEEP S... only God himself can get us out.
and a small piece of advise to my naghbour Iranian's, don't get involved with America, all America did to my country is get it in a worse state than it was during the Tyrants Regime.
you don't belive me look at Afghanistan.

That is All.



Rubin said...

Z-man said: don't get involved with America, all America did to my country is get it in a worse state than it was during the Tyrants Regime.
you don't believe me look at Afghanistan.

Yes Zappy your message is a fantastic object lesson for everyone who reads it...

It follows, If you are a citizen of any country that has signed a 'cessation of hostilities agreement' like Saddam did following the Gulf War, make sure that your Great Leader lives up to his signature, pledges and provisions of that agreement.. otherwise the USA may eventually invade your country and chase your Great Leader down into a gopher hole.

But even if you can't persuade your Great Leader to kool his jets and do whats right, you may still catch a break anyway. With a little luck citizens you may triumph just like the fortunate countries Japan and Germany did after WWII.

Even though their respective countries were completely destroyed during WWII, they worked like hell to rebuild their nations from day 1, the day right after they surrendered.

Today Germany and Japan are some of the richest, independent and successful democracies in the world.

But for fortune and horrible choices *not*, Germany and Japan could have blundered down a completely different road after the war.

For instance during America's occupation of Germany and Japan, both nations could have chosen the avenue of Jihad, car bombing, splodydoping, head chopping, sectarian tit for tat murder sprees, tribal revenge etc. which clearly would have produced an entirely different future for its citzens, like maybe a future for the damned, living an endless destiny of of fear and loathing right next to hell.

Anonymous said...

Rubin should look a little more at the whole picture. BEFORE Pearl Harbor, BEFORE the USA entered WWII, the US Government paid money to train people to learn the Japanese language. Intelligent people actually spoke to the Japanese in their own language, treated them with respect and real help was offered, not the circus of George W. Bush who can't be bothered to think deeply.

When US troops trained with Israel for city-fighting, the US CHOSE to create a state mirroring Israel's violent creation in Palestine.

Don't lay this all at the feet of the Iraqi people. If things had been done correctly in 2003/2004 Iraq would never have been brought to this point.

programmer craig said...

Good comment, Rubin. I'm getting a bit tired of Iraqis blaming the US for what Iraqis do. I don't recall the US promising Iraqis a life in paradise before, during or after the invasion. That's not usually the purpose of a military invasion, last I checked.

The Iraqis could have benefitted from the invasion of their country anyway. Not because anything was owed to them, but just because they had an opportunity to change their destiny at that point in time. But, Iraqis chose a different route. It's not America's fault.

Zappy, I hope the Iranians are watching Iraq. And I hope they know that the next time the US goes to war, we will not be attempting the "nation building" that failed so badly in Iraq. If the US invades Iran it's going to be the old way. Not the Iraq way. They will be wishing they had it as good as Iraqis do. On the bright side, I don't think there is the same appetite for jihad in Iran as there is in Iraq. So, after a brief period of extreme pain, they might be able to pull themselves together and get back on their feet. Unlike what's happening in Iraq.

Zappy! said...

Let me make myself clear, This is not a Forum, niether a Yahoo Chat Room, I shall not tolerate Bad Language niether Insults "in any Language", I respect all Commentours but everything has a limit.
posts containg the above have been removed.

Little Penguin said...

di da da daa. Zappy has the whip!

I really hope God keeps you and all iraqis safe and sound.

Take care Zappy!

Little P

Gilgamish said...

the average iraqi can blame whoever he/she wants, be it the ex iraqi government, the current one, the US, iran, neighbouring countries.

why not, they all have contributed to the mess.

Indigo said...

The US/UK coalition did not plan for day 1 of the occupation - or any other day - and, yes, the present anarchy is their fault. And I speak as a Brit.

Today, in Manchester (UK), 30,000 people marched to demonstrate their opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

BBC domestic radio is currently running a season of programmes about Iran: I trust that this will have the effect of making it impossible for our Prime Minister to have us - better informed, thanks to the BBC - join the US in attacking Iran.

Jeremy said...

The sad thing is, I almost think you're right. I think there are some people in our country who want your country to fail. And they want to because they are so obsessed with this antiquated view of the world, hundreds of years old, that makes no sense, and are so deeply rooted in their obsession that they would rather see two mushroom clouds over Baghdad and New York then be proved wrong. And there are so many people just built on their own material greed and their own lust for power, toying around with what could've been a great cause and aiding nothing but themselves, and killing thousands of people to win a Mercedes or a seat in government...

I remember the greeks believed that there was once a golden race of men who were nearly perfect, but grew worse every generation, and eventually became the silver people. I wonder if we ourselves have become that final Iron race that is so horrible and filthy that it deserves nothing better then to be cleansed from this earth.

I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't talk this way, but the more I look at Iraq, the more filthy and evil EVERYONE becomes.

lucky_star said...

I am a Muslim and i am becoming disgusted with what our brothers are doing to sully the name of Islam.
Their attitudes and behaviour are exactly what the US want. They are playing into the hands of the the devils who started it all. They now have to take responsibility and blame for their actions!!!!
p.s (by the way)

What has Turkey got to do with it?
I honestly don't know.

I am off to Turkey tomorrow so may not view your answer until i get back.