Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Proposed New Iraqi Flag

Non-Iraqis won't understand the joke behind this it.


Marshmallow26 said...


I understood what the flag means!!

Really funny and right on the nail head!!

P.S I am an Iraqi new blogger.

aric in america said...

Please tell us, I am curious

Anonymous said...


Concerning the new flag idea, i will give u one that i recieved months ago. It is interesting & very revealing of the state of mind of all Iraqis nowadays.

The idea consists of starting from top to bottom, the same red-white-black stripes. But the details on the white part (the devil) are different.
So instead of the three green stars, there will be a POWER GENERATOR, an OIL LAMP, & an Iraqi MAHAFFA (a hand-ventilator made of a tightly-knit sheet of palm tree leaves attached to a small wooden stick). And in place of the 'Allahu Akbar' phrase should be put the 'Allah Kareem' one!!
Now if this is not a real unitary flag of what is uniting Iraqis nowadays then u can call me something else!!!

Zappy! said...

Well first of all the white pot in the middle represents the famous Erbil Sheep Yogurt, the two crossed "things" are shesh Kebab’s from Duhok, and the green background represents the green prairies of Sylaymania, the sun is the sun of Mahaabad. I’m not trying to be a Bigot about this I just thought it was a bit funny

Anonymous said...

Hey Zappy,

This idea of yours is not very unitary of Iraqis nowadays. But never mind, it roused my HUNGER & made my mouth water!!!

PS: In the beginning i thought that the two crossed "things" were ice-cream sticks...

Little Penguin said...

loved it!