Sunday, September 03, 2006

Dear Mr. Sheristani, Iraqi Minister of Oil Part II

Just to be fair, the Petrol problems have been resolved “for the time being”, car queues have nearly diminished, and believe it or not yesterday I was able to fill up my car from the hose for the first time in over a year, oh I wished I had a camera J
So, it seems Mr. Sheristani was able eventually to clear up the mess.

Thank you. And have a wonderful day!



Anonymous said...

AS Iraq is no longer under a strict
authoritarian rule like Saddam its
going to tale perhaps 10 years
or so to really get the Iraqi economy moving and operating efficiently.

If Gas prices are used to help fund
the new police and military
for a few years more then that should be acceptable

Also if the Gas revenue is used to help pay for brand new refineries
repave and modernize all highways and bridges etc then thats also OK

If the security situation gets settled then there will be plenty
of time for Iraqi to investigate
what happens to all the government money.

The world bank wanted to see
Iraqi pay more for gas before it loaned Iraqi government large sums of money of else it would be equivalent to the World Bank
that it is subsidizing Iraqi
drivers and not really building things like Hospitals and Electricity and water and sewage projects ....

I believe you will see prices
fall and supplies rise as the new government strengthens and develops
an economic policy ... you guys just have to do the best you can
until its clear the insurgency and killings are way down ... allowing
normal economic activity and planning

Rubin said...

The Sniper Who Killed Claimed 31 GIs August 31, 2006


ABC News has obtained exclusive photographs of two alleged Iraqi snipers and a vehicle modified as a "mobile shooting platform."

The two insurgents and their car were seized in Iraq last week by Iraqi forces and are now in U.S. military custody.

The vehicle had been retooled to conceal a compartment for a high powered sniper rifle under a back seat and two portals for the rifle scope and muzzle next to the left rear lights. The sniper car was reminiscent of the vehicle used by the two spree killers who killed ten people and terrorized Washington, D.C., in October 2002.

One of the alleged Iraqi snipers, Abdul Ali Abdul Rathman (pictured above), told interrogators that he had killed 31 American soldiers.

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