Saturday, September 02, 2006

Killing ING’s

Last weeks battle between the Sadr Militias and the ING’s “Iraqi National Guards” in the southern city of Diwaniyah was terrible at the end of the fights where the ING’s lost all there ammunition and surrendered eleven ING’s were executed by the cutthroats.
ING’s are Iraqi’s they are our brothers and fathers, when someone hears of such atrocities they would think “what a terrible country”.I have reached a conclusion that I believe is based on facts. This country can not be rescued

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Anonymous said...

NO! Do not give up. Other countries have gone through murderous eras as well. True, Iraq would seem to setting new records, but I think it's just better reported.

It may be 20-50 years, but things will get better.....

Change is inevitable, and there is surely a greater potential for an improvement than other.

For things to get worse would require effort and energy and the universe favors entropy.

Improvement is inevitable.